Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where is Grant Patel?

For a long time the most frequent commenter on blogs in Chinatown was the notorious degenerate and wanna-be pervert Grant Patel. Who claimed to be a lawyer and a Parsee.

Whose own odd blog is here:

A recent quotable bit of insanity from the pen of Grant Patel:
"First she waves her panties in my face, then she refuses my kind responsive attentions! I am all of the flutter accordingly! And quite quite infuriated!Here I had striven to argua her into accepting my reasoned contention, yet she denies! Denies!"
From this post:

Yeah man, I can SO believe that you are really interested in miss Wong. Sure. Uh huh.

You didn't even notice that she turned seventeen!!!

What kind of stalker are you?
A mere amateur, hmmph, not even capable of keeping track of birthdays. You could've sent her flowers, you creep, or made a happy birthday obscene proposition on your blog. Speculated about less than one year to go before you could take her out to dindin without being accused of cradle robbing. Daydreamed on an internet page in full sleaze-o-vision. Gone suitably ape.

Oh yes.

But no.

Where are you?
You, believe it or NOT, are missed. Sort of. In a way. Well, you know. The silence is deafening.
Squawk why don'tcha.
Please to be audibly alerting us to your precious presence at very soonest, oh Patel Sahib.