Saturday, March 20, 2010

International ANSWER's pathetic fit

Went down to civic center today to see what an anti-war protest looks like. Well, it's all about housing, jobs, Palestinians, conspiracy theories, Jews, Masons, Bankers, plus Dick Becker and his harem (yes, Forest, Gloria, Lily, that means YOU).

Never been so bored in my life.

I really don't like self-satisfied old white people. Especially not when their little pointy heads are still in the hippie era. Okay, get over it, bitches, Nixon is no longer president.

Also, I really can't stand communists. No, I do know what I'm talking about, and no, I do not intend to change my mind about that. If there's anything that says 'huge egomaniac failure' quite so much as old school Stalinism (ie "Marxism,-Leninism" or "Maoism") I should really like to know. Untill someone volunteers a candidate that rivals Dick Becker's ideology for despicability and viciousness, I shall to prefer to think it sui generis, and him a disgusting piece of sh*t.

So, to conclude on a positive note:

Dick - get your nasty-ass teeth fixed.
Forest - consult a gay man.
Lilly - take a pill. Or acquire a sex toy.
Gloria - get bent, vaca.
Hassan - learn how to speak English.
Margaret - sweet jesus you need therapy.
Russel - is that long flagpole compensation for something?
Husam - are you also a rapist? Or do you just pretend for your friends?
Ahmed - don't drool.
Lutfi - blondes actually despise you too.
Zaki - you are not the least bit masculine.
Paul - just bang them dear, you don't have to support their cause.
Joseph - one of these days, when you least expect it........


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Katherine Fuchs, UC Berkeley, and the Palestinians on Campus.

Oooooh, it looks like Snooky got her knickers in a twist!
Actually, I've always wanted to use that phrase - so evocative!

But anyway!
What happened is that back in December Snooky got a hold of an inane e-mail sent out by the American branch of Hamas ('US Campaign to end the Occupation'), who asked that everyone buy stock in Caterpillar and Motorola.

Caterpillar and Motorola stock

They wrote: "once you become a Caterpillar shareholder you can 1) vote in favor of our resolution at the shareholder meeting and 2) support our protest activities inside the meeting by either attending yourself or designating a proxy. The reason we would like more turnout from our supporters at the shareholder meeting is that this has been the area where we've had the most success garnering media attention. "

See here:

Well, they certainly got MY attention. As well as Snooky's. Perhaps not quite what they wanted, though.

They also wrote: "Our purchasing of Cat stock should be kept quite for now. If Caterpillar learns of this strategy they may change the rules of the meeting to require more than one share for entry. "


Sorry for spilling the beans. I guess you dips didn't want the world to know till you'd spent all your dough on caterpillars, huh?
Well, if you were any good at math, you would've realized that you don't have enough money to make a difference - Caterpillar is capitalized to the tune of several billion dollars. Hundreds of billions. Any of you wads got that much moolah laying around?


But anyway.

Katherine M. Fuchs

Snooky recommended that Katherine Fuchs ("National Organizer US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation"), who sent out the letter, should instead do something incredibly unpleasant with a camel. Probably to express her (Ms. Katherine M. Fuchs') lubricious attitudes towards things that stumble around in sandy wastes. Or something.

Then Katherine Fuchs someone else commented in an upset and emotionally scarred manner, saying:
"One of these days, when you wise up in college, and learn to either accept yourself or to make friends outside of the internet, you will learn to think for yourself and not let the approval and attention of old men sway your opinions and beliefs.
You are not dense. Just hungry for attention. It's why teenage girls such as yourself regularly bring up your panties on online blogs. And it's why old men first start reading your blog. You will one day feel embarrassed by every bigoted, racist remark or sexual innuendo you posted for the public to read.
College will be different. It's nothing like highschool.
I wasn't much different from you ten years ago."

See comments here:

Poor sweet baby! Sniff. No hot panties for you!

But anyway.

Angry Panties back at you

This prompted Snooky to blow her top. She told Katherine Fuchs someone else: "You are responsible for ninety five percent of all the bad karma in a large radius around your rancid little self. You need to die. Get banged, creep."

And more stuff. Here:

Well now. Venomously expressed. Very nice. Guess she was upset that some radikal troll would lecture her. So typical of righteous whitey, telling little Asian girlie what to do....
Just one MINOR kvibble...
Ms. Katherine Fuchs someone else should NOT get banged. It would be a startlingly new expererience. Seeing as there are undoubtedly no camels anywhere near where she lives.

And, as regards panties, it should be noted that in Cantonese culture female underwear is a powerful jinx. Gamblers will wear their girlfriend's panties to make the other players lose, commercial rivals will hang panties facing their enemies businesses, and casually tossing a pair of worn panties in the door of a shop will often make them close up for the day - nothing good will come of remaining open after that.
So here's panties at you, Ms. katherine M. Fuchs. Panties panties panties panties panties panties panties!

Berkeley and Palestinian panties

On a different note, the local chapter of Things That Stumble Around in Sandy Wastes (SJP at Berkeley) sent around the following:

"Please forward widely to all your lists!!!!
Salaam Community, My name is Kifah Shah and I am a 4th year ethnic studies student and a member of many communities on campus (such as bridges, CalSERVE, MSA, SJP, MCC, etc).
I am emailing you to ask for your support tomorrow night in senate. As a former senator, I remember when our communities would come together and stand as one in support of whatever resolution was presented to the senate, and I remember how powerful it would be. I am here to ask for your support, for you to come out and support a bill that has been presented regarding Israel/Palestine. This bill calls for the end of University funding to Israel's military occupation. It calls for divestment from companies that directly fund the weapons that are used in the war crimes Israel commits (as recognized by international law).
This bill is building on the legacy at UC Berkeley to fight systems of oppression such as apartheid. In 1984, students of color were at the forefront of the divestment movement from South African apartheid. The UC has also divested from tobacco companies, as well as been critical about products coming from sweatshop labor. This bill will further the efforts to keep the university accountable and responsible for the investments it makes.

In a time of economic crisis, and underfunding of our education with budget cuts, it is crucial we show that we as students do not support our tuition funding military occupation. Please come and speak out! Support the Bill to Divest Funds from Israel's Military Occupation Senate Chambers, 1st Floor Eshleman Hall TODAY, Wednesday, March 17, 9 PM
Much love, in solidarity,


END QUOTE - note links disabled.

If this bill passes, it will be time for all right thinking people to divest from UC Berkeley.
A university is supposed to be a center of education and enlightenment, not a bastion of hypocrisy and disease. UC Berkeley should be keenly aware that in these times of constrained budgets and limited funds it is more dependent than ever on the goodwill and open pockets of its benefactors among alumni and the greater American community. As such, it cannot afford to show itself racist or unjust.
The American people would be ill-served by so blatantly discriminatory a course of action.
Nor is it likely that the American people would even tolerate it.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lilly Haskell's other life

This is fascinating! Apparently Lilly Haskel (aka 'Elizabeth Aida Haskell, aka 'The Wicked Wellesley Wench') is suing the city of San Francisco or the SFPD for taking a dna swab when she got arrested last year for brutally ganging up on a Jewish granma in the Civic Center Bart Station!


I wonder why she objects.

Surely she isn't afraid that her dna will match some child-rapist or killer-sadist somewhere?

Did she do things while back east that can not bear the light of day?

Someone enlighten me please!

I'm dying to know what the chief-organizer of the Arab Resource Organizing Commitee was up to while in college. Other than that trip to Africa.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm so glad the the Berkeley Daily Planet has folded. Not that I would have needed to worry about the poison they spread for so long in Berkeley for several years (if I even end up at Berkeley), but it's nice to know that evil does not always end up on top. Sometimes it comes a deserved cropper.

As abundantly documented by the stalwarts at Daily Planet Watchdog, the editor of that newspaper, Becky O'Malley, waged an unmerciful hate campaign against Israel, Jews, and anyone who disagreed with her point of view about Israel and the Jews.
Israel and Jews are of course the canary in the coalmine of western civilization. If Berkeley is not a good place for Jews, how must it be for other ethnicities?

Well, we know it's very good for Arabs.


In every issue, the pages of the Berkeley Daily Planet bore witness to the intellectual pogrom against Israel. Such people as Joseph Anderson, Rob Kanter, Stephen Pearcy, and Hassan Fouda all sprung to criticise one regime in the middle east, and one regime only. Whatever else happened in the region did not interest them, but the merest blip out of Israel moved them to insensate fury. Egged on, of course, by the lily-white earthmother aged hippies of Berkeley, whose desperation to be revolutionary and meaningful trumped any sense of decency they might otherwise have had.
Collectively, Anderson, Kanter, Pearcy, Fouda (and wife), and their readership the radical middle-classes of the Berkeley flatlands, railed, jibbered, ranted, and spewed. Quite the obscenity.

I get the impression that the hothouse atmosphere of a college town leads to brain fever among the longtime residents. Especially those with no claim to any perspicacity or intellect.

As attested by another blogger:

But, as of a few weeks ago, the Berkeley Daily Planet ceased publishing, and became a web parking place for occassional shallow diatribes.
Becky O'Malley still lives, but her pet hate project has, for all intents and purposes, died. Rest not in peace, remain unlamented, and be forgotten soon.



Quote: "In its Dec. 3, edition, the Berkeley Daily Planet published a letter from an Atlanta man who claimed that Zionist Jews conspired with Eichmann and Hitler in the Final Solution. In the letter, he stated, "Zionists collaborated in sending the bulk of Hungary’s Jews to the gas chambers in exchange for allowing your relatives and a few rich Jews to leave and go to Palestine as the basis for a Zionist state."

Such repellent fiction is commonplace on neo-Nazi websites where Jews are often blamed for their own victimization, but any responsible newspaper would reject this erroneous and inflammatory statement.

However, the Daily Planet has a history of making Jews scapegoats. Israelis and their American Jewish supporters have more than once been compared to Nazis. Local American Jews have been called spies and fifth columnists for Israel. A writer once gloated that she was lucky that she did not marry a Jew. In 2006, the Daily Planet printed a letter from India which claimed that the Jews got what they deserved in the Holocaust.


That, as much as anything, pretty much encapsulates Berkeley, The Daily Planet, and Becky O'Malley herself.