Wednesday, December 22, 2010


All is not well within the Greek Orthodox Church. Judging by recent statements, one might even think that entering the priesthood is reserved for the mentally unstable, or atrophies the intellect.
That may be an over-pessimistic assessment, though I am still waiting for anyone to disprove either contention.

A high-level priest on the morning show of the largest television station in Greece blamed world Jewry for Greece's financial problems. The Metropolite of Piraeus Seraphim also blamed world Jewry for other ills in the country during his appearance on Mega TV.


Mixing Freemasons with Jewish bankers such as Baron Rothschild and world Zionism, the Metropolite said that there is a conspiracy to enslave Greece and Christian Orthodoxy. He also accused international Zionism of trying to destroy the family unit by promoting one-parent families and same-sex marriages.
Thirteen minutes into the program the Greek host asked the Metropolite, "Why do you disagree with Hitler's policies? If they are doing all this, wasn't he right in burning them?"


The Greeks, we remember, enthusiastically assisted the Germans during a regrettable period in Greece’s past.

More recently they have yielded aid and support to various Terrorist groupings – though not all of that was governmental.

The Metropolite answered, "Adolf Hitler was an instrument of world Zionism and was financed from the renowned Rothschild family with the sole purpose of convincing the Jews to leave the shores of Europe and go to Israel to establish the new Empire."

It is entirely conceivable that the Metropolite may be barking mad.

The American Jewish Committee on Wednesday called on the heads of the Greek Orthodox Church to condemn the Metropolite's statements.

"Seraphim's horrendous lies on Greek TV demonstrate that anti-Semitism is alive and well within the Greek Orthodox Church,” said Rabbi David Rosen, AJC's international director of interreligious affairs, in a letter to the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece, Archbishop Ieronymos II, as well as Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. “It is the responsibility of the church leadership to condemn and uproot anti-Semitism.

We’re waiting. This blog will let you know if it happens.
Please don’t hold your breath.

Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nob Hill at night

I just love San Francisco when everything goes right. Such as when the radical mobs can't find their way to the top of a very visible hill in the middle of the city.

Their remarkable absence undoubtedly contributed to a lovely evening for the Aipac supporters at the Fairmont last night.

[See this: All quiet..... SOOOOOO quiet..... ]

Talking a long walk last night around the perimeter, I barely even needed my umbrella.
And I didn't have to use my pepperspray at all.
So I'm calling it a victory.


The Aipac event in Oakland on Monday was a bit more exciting. Some sad pookie dancers from Codepink stubbornly twirled and stumbled a bit in the lobby of the hotel, before being arrested for horrid taste and disrepu.,..., I mean disruptive behavior. They subsequently spent several hours in lockup.
That should have given them enough time to think about what they had done, but we're talking about ideological cripples, so it probably didn't help.

As a direct result they will evermore refuse to eat Bologna.
Sandwich meats everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.

I'm not kidding, they blamed Bologna for something too!

The next time I see ms. Gene St. Onge, I'll probably wave a few slices of Bologna at her. To remind her of the wonderful time she had on Monday night.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secrets of Fusion Cuisine revealed!

According to many hip white professionals (you know, 'those people'), the best thing since wash-and-wear is 'fusion cuisine'.
What that means is white people cooking, using one or two Asian ideas or Ingredients.
If they do it in a restaurant context it costs three to five times more than if a little yellow person did the same darn thing. Or used one or two Caucasian Ideas or Ingredients.

Strange how that works – you can get stuffed at a "Chinese Restaurant" for less than twenty bucks (and leave only a one dollar tip, "because any more shows what a freier you are"), or get disappointed and dyspeptic at a fancy NOUVEAU place for sixty bucks.
And be sure to leave a 25% gratuity or "they WILL remember you next time!"

But, thanks to me, you don’t need to spend $75.00 at the fancy nouveau place (drinks not included), OR put up with snarky Cantonese wait-staff! Weeeee!

How lucky can you get!?!

I also cook 'fusion'!
And if I can do it, so can you.
You lucky fellow.

Meaning that my mom pulled up her nose at what I had for breakfast.
It was far too 'white'. I’ve gone all native on her. Never gonna catch a decent man now.

Spam. And Egg. And Dried Mushroom. And Fish. And Thai Green Curry paste. And Tomato Paste. With Clarified Broth. Over Rice Stick Noodles. And Bean-thread Noodles.
With chopped green onion and cilantro. And Mexican pickled jalapenos. And some avocado slices.

Basically a soupy green curry noodle dish with savory bits and breakfasty things.
But really, if you don’t overdo the spam and egg, which were just an afterthought, much like dumping a fried egg on everything including steak and cake (and that’s VERY white!), it was really truly Asian.

So I don’t know WHY she called me ho chee quaimuy kam?

After all, I ate it with chopsticks!

She’s the woman who dumps a fried egg on her hamburger and rice, plus a big sploop of ketchup and Tabasco. And then eats it with a knife and fork!
So she’s very MUCH more white than I am.
I’m about as traditional and old-fashioned as they come. REALLY!


Tell me again, why are you here?

Crusty eccentric and certifiable old geek, errrm, I mean loveable and oh so available mature gentleman in the fullest sense of the word, fellow blogger ATBOTH suggested that I check my stats, to see what people were looking for and how they found my blog.
I guess he's curious.
Not me. I know it's mostly lonely middle-aged men.

Hi Grant! Hi Amphib! Hi Atboth!

There are THREE "search keywords" that are VERY interesting:

"Asian breast milk"

Okay, in answer to your question, yes, it's a warm shade of yellow and it smells like peaches. Honest! The casein count is very high, it's full of protein, and makes the BEST! chocolate milk.
Casein consists of aggregates of thousands of protein molecules held together by calcium phosphate. These are 'micelles'. They are sort of spherical and very tiny. Four different types of caseins make up about eighty percent of the protein in milk, though there are dozens of other milk proteins also. It's a very complex and delicious subject. I am glad you asked.

"Arab sexes"

They have three: Man. Woman. Child. Perhaps four, if you include camel.
Arab sex is traumatic. Or so I read on the internet. Actually, I know as little about Arab sexes as you do, but unlike you I have no interest. Really don't want to find out. Maybe there are ten Arab sexes. Nine of them wear hijabs and look like potato sacks. Or eight, if you include camel.

"Hot lesbian sex seduction"

Normal body temperature ('normothermia', 'euthermia') will differ depending on which part of the body is used to measure, what time it is in that person's daily cycle of activity and energy, and other factors. But it's more or less 98 ° Fahrenheit.
Women often are warmer than men, and are far more sensitive to variations in surrounding temperature.
So if your hot lesbian is bellyaching, there is a very good reason: she's cold.

I hope you will understand that unless everybody is warm and comfy, there will be NO hot lesbian sex seduction. At best perhaps a tepid lesbian twiddle of the fingers under the blanket.

In any case, this is all pure speculation, as there are no seductive sex lesbians here. Of any temperature. This is a lesbian-free zone. We lack HLSS entirely. Sorry.

I myself have nothing against lesbians, but I'm more interested in men with fascinating literary devices. Truly, dead white males are the sexiest beings alive!
Hot, steaming, passionate, and deceased!
I curl up with Nabokov on a regular basis.
And so should you!

FINAL NOTE: For all search criteria listed above, you should really visit Atboth here:
I'm sure he knows far more than I do about any of these subjects.
And he's been rather lonely since his good woman left him.
So go over there, tell him to stop whining, and also give the dear old alte kacker a bit of encouragment.
Thank you.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Next kitchen experiment

My auntie made a lovely dish the other day for dinner. I don’t know where she got the idea, it was the first time I’ve ever had it. But it was SOOOOO good! I’m really going to have to try to make it myself.

Shredded dried mushroom with pressed tofu!

Drumroll, please, I know you're impressed! So simple!

The tofu was still soft, but the mushroom shreds were crispy-chewy.
I think she dredged them in cornflour with salt and pepper, then deep fried them crispy before saucing them with garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, sugar, and Chekiang vinegar. A little hot chilipaste for zing, and then the pressed tofu added.
Minced green onion for a flash of bright color.

It was very good! I guess the tofu was added for contrast, but also when you think about it that there really isn’t much nutrition in dried black mushrooms – they’re mostly all about dense texture and flavor. Food, but not food.
Dinner was vegetarian, ‘cause auntie Ling really thinks it’s better for the soul to avoid meat.
Unlike uncle Willem and uncle Karel, she’s not a Calvinist. More like uncle Benedict – a freethinking skeptic and doubting Thomas.
Which is actually much nicer. Easier to get along with.
I don’t think Calvinists can even be vegetarian. Pity they can’t cook better.

When I make it, I'll add twice as much chili paste.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Jewish Voice for Peace - lies, distortion, and spin

The following is an example of the lies told by Jewish Voice for Peace, which once again shows that ethical considerations and truth are not any part of their agenda.


Right-wing Israel advocacy group pepper sprays Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) members
Right-wing Israel advocacy group San Francisco Voice for Israel/ StandWithUs
Member Pepper Sprays Jewish Voice for at Bay Area JVP Chapter Meeting. Wraps self in Israeli flag.Peace (JVP) members

[Note that San Francisco Voice for Israel/ StandWithUs is by no means a "right-wing group", in that it has among its members the full spectrum of political points of view, EXCEPT anti-Semitism, self-hate, pro-terror sentiments, or Naziism - those viewpoints being too well represented among JVP and other anti-Israel cliques.
NOTE ALSO that the spray incident was a self-defensive action, and that the pro-Israel activist in question was being mobbed and threatened by JVP members or sympathizers.]

Group well known in Bay Area for harassing and intimidating peace activists

[The truth, as usual, is far otherwise. JVP has often stood with belligerent pro-Palestinians and anti-Semites at rallies in front of the consulate, and JVP and their fellow-travellers have a well-established track record of joining in harassment and provocation. Especially when the Israel-haters and pro-Palestinian juvenile delinquents outnumber the pro-Israel demonstrators by a very wide margin. Group-think and bullyism are their modi operandi.]

Contact: Jesse AT
Oakland, CA November 15, 2010
Last night, up to a dozen members of San Francisco Voice for Israel/StandWithUs, a right-wing Israeli advocacy group with a documented track record of aggressively taunting and intimidating grassroots peace activists, attended a Bay Area Jewish Voice for Peace community meeting at a South Berkeley Senior Center with the intention of disrupting, intimidating and possibly assaulting Jewish Voice for Peace members.

[If Jesse at JVP wrote this, Jesse and the truth parted company a long time ago. Well, so did Rae and Matthew (a compulsive whiner and, reputedly, a neurotic praeputiophile - I'll let you guess who is which). Altogether not surprising.
And from what I've heard, this had nothing to do with San Francisco Voice for Israel/StandWithUs, but comprised instead the spontaneous reactions of individual East-Bay Israel supporters and Jews, outraged at the horsepucky that JVP was 'voicing'. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that any organization OTHER than JVP was involved.]

Jewish Voice for Peace is the largest U.S. Jewish peace group dedicated to a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on democracy and full equality --- the Bay Area chapter is the founding chapter of the organization.

[Note: The Bay Area Chapter of JVP includes many people who have openly advocated the destruction of Israel. As they have made clear outside the consulate, and at United Nations Plaza, at several events in the past.]

Approximately 50 to 60 people were at the meeting, and numerous witnesses are available to corroborate the events.
Watch video of some of the disruptions and the victims and perpetrator of attack here.
Eyewitness testimonies are here and here.
Wrapped in an Israeli flag, San Francisco Voice for Israel/StandWithUs (SFVI/SWU) member [CUT] pepper-sprayed two JVP members in the eyes and face after they attempted to nonviolently block her ability to aggressively videotape the faces of JVP meeting attendees against their will.
The members, Alexei Folger and Glen Hauer, were careful to make no physical contact with her or her camera prior to the attack.

[A lie - one that might result in action, as eggregious and damaging falsehoods are a legal issue. ]

Folger said, “I did not see it coming and all of a sudden there was gooey stuff all over my head and hand. I have never been pepper-sprayed before, my whole head felt like it was on fire.”
JVP had earlier this year filed a police report about a June SFVI/SWU protest at which JVP and (peace group) Women in Black members were intimidatingly videotaped and threatened by a StandWithUs supporter after being taunted with chants like “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi” or “Kapo,Kapo,Kapo”.

[Another lie.]

Caught on a widely seen videotape was a SFVI/SWU supporter pointing his camera to the faces of silent peace vigil participants while saying “You’re all being identified, every last one of you…we will find out where you live. We’re going to make your lives difficult. We will disrupt your families…”

[A provocateur who shows up at a number of events which involve JVP and BAWIB - coincidence?]

For that reason, JVP members were particularly concerned about protecting the safety of meeting attendees and preventing the videotaping.
Hauer, a retired attorney and member of San Francisco’s Congregation Sha’har Zahav who was treated for pepper spray explained, ”When one of the intruders [CUT]

“In my mind was the history targeting of Jewish peace activists by the right wing of the Jewish community--the posting of our photos on internet hate sites, for example, followed by acts of vandalism at our homes and places of work.

[Lets talk about the flat tires and broken windows that some of you self-proclaimed 'peace activists' are responsible for, as well as the 'inside information' you circulate.]

The rest of their press release consists of whiny drivel and further lies, smears, and half-truths. No need to bore you with it. Just remember, these are the same people who have stood with Hamas-supporters screaming 'ba rooh, ba dam, nafdeek ya falasteen', 'itbach al Yahood', 'falasteen baladna wa'l Yahood kalabna', and similar slogans that are by no means peaceful.

Here's an account of one demonstration at which there were known members of JVP:

There are others. They even videotaped themselves. They've boasted of their acts.

PS. In case you were wondering, the Arabic slogans given above mean "with our souls and our blood we will redeem you oh Palestine" (ba rooh, ba dam, nafdeek ya Falasteen), "kill the Jews" (itbach al Yahood), and "Palestine is our country and the Jews are our dogs" (falasteen baladna wa'l Yahood kalabna). A promise of violence and bloodletting, an outright incitement to hatred and murder, and slogan that would make the KKK proud respectively.
Nice. JVP and their henchpigs have stood with folks screaming this crap, positively beaming with pride in their delicious revolutionary brotherhood.

If I ever see any of the JVP members or their friends at, or near, my high-school, I'm calling the cops. Too many of them have "other" track records as well.
They're not so young, they're hardly Jewish, and what the heck they have to proud of is a complete mystery. Some of them are 'persons of interest'.
Ambiguous interest, nauseated interest. But interest.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boys, Sewers, and Algae - Yay!

In hot weather, such as we're having this week, boys really stand out. By smelling phenomenally bad. I guess it’s just hormones, as between twelve and retirement age they’re just full of those things.
The hormones aren’t the problem, however. Most boys are needy.

Almost every boy I know seems to be emotionally furklempt. They want attention, they crave comforting, their sensitive wide eyes follow you around the room……

No, I’m NOT going to comment on the emotional problems of a fellow blogger. Even though he’s clearly indicated in the past that someone like me is just what the doctor ordered. Sorry, so very much NOT going there.

Middle aged old geezers are, in many ways, too much like other teenage boys. The only advantage of older men is that they don’t need help with their homework. Though sometimes I doubt even that.


It's that time of year when boys smell particularly atrocious, because of the hot weather, the city streets reek of boiling old sewer systems, the refuse in the bins behind restaurants starts letting off an eerie glow, and the overheated waters of the Bay send forth potent perfumes of dying algae..... and when we celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and eat mooncakes.

A very good time of year - despite the boys..... and the old sewer systems..... the glows.... the algae.....

Now guess what! Starbucks produces their own mooncakes! I may have to cast aside my undying loyalty to Peet's, even if just only temporarily.

See here:

You see that? Lovely luscious yummy nummy mooncakes!

Look, I can't stand Starbucks! It's always filled with galumphing waspy types with sneers in their voices, getting a jolt of really mediocre caffeine before heading to their oh-so important office jobs or yoga classes. Peet's has real coffee, even though most of the baristas show off tattoos in places their moms wish they wouldn't. But the coffee is real, and very good.

It's just that Peet's doesn't have mooncakes! In a city filled with high-strung energetic Asian teenagers, you'd think they would know - mooncakes are essential. There's nearly a quarter of a million Chinese in San Francisco, guys, don't you WANT us to throw our money at you? Aren't WE the SF target demographic of choice? Are you that set on catering to Whitey? In this city?

Yep, that's the message you are sending at this time of year.
It may be unintentional - like boys sweating and stinking all kinds of bad - but it is definitely out there. It had better be unintentional.
Please wise up. Friends don't let friends go to Starbucks.
Thank you.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hint hint hint!!!

My birthday is coming up in slightly over a month – so it’s time to start dropping hints. This is for people I know, but if you haven’t ever actually met me, please remember that ALL teenagers are alike, and then read this attentively because it’s full of useful information.
We all want exactly the same stuff for our birthdays. Simply substitute vampire novels for all of the books mentioned below and you’ll do fine.

Ma – I need another brassiere. Same size as the one you got me last year – which I wore out by keeping laundry money in the cups. No, I don’t think I’m going to change into Marilyn Monroe anytime soon, that just isn’t likely.

Dad – Quit smoking. You smell bad. Didn’t want to say anything. And I like pearls.

Uncle Benedict – get me that Dutch Dictionary you promised! You KNOW it’s hard to read that bloop bloop bloop language without help! While you’re at it, get me a Hebrew Dictionary too! And a French Dictionary. And German Dictionary. And an Indonesian Dictionary.

Uncle Willem – More Nabokov, more Wyndham Lewis. More Mary Renault.

Uncle Karel – Maybe another big book about Italian food? Or a copy of the Larouse Gastronomique in English.

Cousin Bobbo – More art ceramics, please. Jun glaze is very nice.

Auntie Yee – Just get over that furshlepte cold. We want you around for several more years.

Auntie Ling – Just cook a lot more. All of us really like that pork and gonpoy dish. And the steamed hahmyu with shredded ginger is so delicious!

Pingy – Remember that stuffed penguin you gave me last year? She’s so lonely! Sooooo lonely!!!!!!! Soooo very very very very very loooonely!!!!!!!

Tung Muymuy – More cookies! Yay!

Mei Yip – Please do NOT get me anymore Hello Kitty stuff. When you’re not even five feet tall, Hello Kitty shit just makes you look infantile. Not feminine. It's kinda silly. Please think in terms of chocolate.

Wong Stink Stink - Let's go shopping together after my birthday when I have the money - you always find such nice clothes!

Grant Patel – I need blackmail material, preferably on you. Please send a link to you gloating over your panty collection OR something even more embarrassing and incriminating. Or cringe-worthy.
I know you have it, you old perv - and no, I’m NOT giving you my address or contact information.

Atboth – Do NOT offer to send me any pipetobacco. Smokers stink, and I’m not even legally allowed to own that stuff for another three years if I even wanted any - WHICH I DON'T. By which time they may have outlawed it anyhow. Just burn up some Sam Gawith flake in my name.

Wai Tak – Okay, that long rubber sextoy last year was so funny, I guess. Ha ha ha. Especially after I threw it at your head. I know you are planning something even worse this year. So I have to tell you: Don’t. Do not do anything, if you value your life. I know where you live. Your Mom will be SO upset if you come home dead, fatboy. She'll cry for at least 20 seconds. Maybe 30!
Your classmates will then wonder "whatever happened to Wai Tak? He hasn’t been at school for weeks, do you suppose something happened to him? Maybe he got eaten by a serial killer? Or kidnapped by gangsters who will harvest his kidneys after 'using' him? Oh well, too bad, life goes on, it's so much quieter nowadays how extremely nice, we didn’t like him anyhow!" Or something like that. Seriously.
More to the point, I’ll tell Janine that you’re a total freak sicko and a degenerate. And she’ll hit you really hard with her backpack.

Now remember, some things are ESSENTIAL for any good birthday:

Strawberry Cake: 士多啤梨蛋糕 (see-toh-bei-li dan-gow).
Expensive chocolates.
Champagne (pushing my luck here).
Strumpet high heels (really pushing my luck here).
And, of course, a festive atmosphere in which you'll allow me to get away with just about anything.

No, I don't want a parade. Please don't offer! It really isn't necessary.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Europeans upset at exclusion

The Europeans are peeved that there is no room for them at the table. They, too, wish to be involved in the United States backed talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

"French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said it would be “too bad” if the EU were locked out — noting the bloc’s political involvement in the region and its role as a top contributor of financial aid to the Palestinians. "

[ Source: ]

There is in fact scant reason to include them. They were not particularly helpful the last time Israel and the Palestinians talked - and much has changed since then.

For one thing, the continent that invented the most virulent historic forms of anti-Semitism has since then perfected a post-WWII variant, and succeeded in making it respectable again. Even more than respectable - salonfähig.

"Not only is the EU a ‘top contributor’ to the Palestinian Authority, it also finances numerous non-governmental organizations in Israel whose primary function seems to be to delegitimize or even destabilize the Jewish state."

The cited statement above, from FresnoZionism, diplomatically points to the major problem with adding the Europeans to the table: they aren't neutral.

[Read more about European wafflegab at 'A world without Baronesses'.]


Not only are the Europeans not neutral, but they aren't capable of being equitable. They never have been. The British certainly have always favored the Arabs, the Swedes have a major problem with anti-Semitic acts committed by their Muslims and praised by their socialists and their newspapers, the Dutch, Belgians, and Danes have substantial far-left anti-Israel movements, the French, Spanish, Germans, and Italians have rabid Israel-haters in their universities and political parties.......

Europe invented virulent anti-Semitism, and in the past few decades they have re-invented it.
Israel's opponents would want them at the table. Rational parties to the negotiations should not want them there under any circumstance. They've made enough trouble already.


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mosque bigotry and racism

Opposition to the mosque at 51 Park (colloquially known as 'The Ground Zero Mosque') may qualify you for the title of 'bigot'. In this you will not be alone - several million 'nice white people of limited literacy' in this wonderful nation join you! Yes! You too are an ethnic group ("nice white people of limited literacy"), and you should probably go somewhere and form your own country. I suggest Alaska.


At the risk of beating a dead horse: the damn thing isn't ON ground zero but at least two blocks away, it isn't a mosque but more a Muslim version of a JCC or YMCA, it isn't a training ground for terrorists or even funded by or for terrorists, it isn't a symbol of triumph to have a building significantly shorter than many nearby buildings, the term Cordoba indeed echoes a once-great Muslim city but ALSO the loss of that city and the final defeat of Muslims in Spain (followed by their expulsion and permanent erasure as a political group in Iberia), and, most importantly, Glen Beck, Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, and several others spearheading the opposition to the mosque are blatant racists.

The opposition by the most repulsive elements of American society to Cordoba House have transformed what was once not a particularly good idea into an absolute imperative. That 'mosque' must be built, there is no choice; if it isn't, evil will have won.
Preventing the building of Cordoba House will mark the failure of American civilization, and the triumph of tyranny.

I am not fond of Islam. Even less am I fond of ignorance and bullyism.
I therefore must support Cordoba House. There is no other choice.

I don't cotton to mosques, I dislike Islam, and the entire Middle-East outside of Israel looks from this distance as a place of perpetual bloodshed and barbarism.
But many ancient mosques are incredibly beautiful pieces of architecture, often at the heart of universities and hospitals that flourished when Europe was still a bloody mudpit filled with wallah-wallah shouting savages and democracy hadn't even been invented yet, and many modern mosques serve EXACTLY the same function for their mukim ("parish") as churches: social center, bingo hall, and the charitable heart of a community.

I don't like churches either, but there are already tons of those - this country is OVERWHELMINGLY Christian. Those folks need a place to go.

So do Muslims. Who are barely a few million in the US. Not a significant percentage of the population, except, nota bene, in the area where Cordoba House will be built. And even there they are small fish in a large pond.


Besides, Dovbear mentions that there are also places nearby that cater to America's upstanding non-Muslims.

Specifically, strip clubs.

There. Doesn't that please you? While Ibrahim and Ahmed are attending to Allah in the prayer-room, or washing their hands and feet preparatory to religious service, John and Bubba-Joe can enjoy the gyrations of a hefty blonde nearby, while getting smashed on Bourbon or Budweiser. Everybody happy.

Ogling strippers and getting smashed (and possibly even catching the clap afterwards)!
Dude, you can't get more 'nice white person of limited literacy' than that!


So much for the sacred ground argument. Pole dancers, liquor stores, and fast-food joints.

Also from Dovbear: "Are you aware that Rauf says in his books that the U.S. political structure is already Sharia compliant? (Thus the charge that he wants America "to become Sharia compliant" is completely false) "

An interpretation of Sharia and its role in completely modern terms - what's right with America is what's right with Islam. Rauf is playing with the same deck of cards as us.

"I wouldn't say the United States deserved what happened on 9-11."
------Feisal Abdul Rauf

Actually, even more interesting, check out point number eleven on Dovbear's post. Apparently Glen Beck said that United States policies contributed in part to the terrorist strike on September 11.
While Imam Rauf stated "I wouldn't say the United States deserved what happened on 9-11."

Yep. Blowback.


Maybe those who oppose Cordoba House/Park 51 are scared of Islam?

Perhaps Islam's conversion by conquest of so much of North Africa and the Near-East is cause for their alarm.......

The Catholics were far worse in South America, the Protestants raped much of Asia.
As a "heathen Chinee", I for one cannot look at the many churches in San Francisco with anything other than distaste.
The Japanese took one look at the Europeans and their warlike Christian activities and decided to keep the entire lot out for centuries (well, other than the Dutch - harsh Calvinists, but convinced that Asians were not worth "saving", and therefore mostly harmless).

The United States, motivated by the purest of Protestant motives, invaded the Philippines and destroyed their nascent independence movement, in order to make "our little brown brothers" ready for Christianity. They conveniently overlooked the stalwart fire and sword conversionary activities of the Spanish, who spent three centuries christianizing the natives with rape, slavery, extortion, and brutality - very successfully too, I might add.
The American forces during the war that followed managed to cause the deaths of nearly twenty percent of the Philippino population (almost all of whom were Christian).
A famous Protestant victory!

By the way, those 'harmless' Dutch Calvinists savagely butchered Balinese (Hindus), Acehnese (Muslims), Dayaks (animists), and Jakarta Chinese (Buddhists), while energetically furthering the noble cause of their Calvinist bulwark against the Spanish (Catholics) and Portuguese (allegedly also Christians of some sort).
Oh, and they also killed many Spanish and Portuguese while they were at it.

What both Catholic and Protestant nations did to the people of Africa cannot even be mentioned, as I'm trying to run a clean blog here.

How the Europeans behaved towards each other during the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth century during their near-endless religious wars somewhat dwarfs what the Muslims did anywhere.
Several centuries of savage internecine slaughter, in between rapes. For very nice and thoroughly Christian motives, by very nice and thoroughly Christian people.

Surely the world should fear Christianity, in all of its myriad militant forms, much more than a bunch of kabob-selling immigrants who wish to have a social center and place to nourish the spirit in the largest, most cosmopolitan, and most diverse city in the world?

If we cannot defend the rights of even that group of immigrants - especially their right to practice their religion peacefully, in an American context - then all of us are at risk.
Not only those of us who are your "little brown brothers" - also you whites.
The Catholics will not be safe. The Jews will not be safe. The Heretics will not be safe.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hitler was Jewish

I wanted to call this post "Why I have the same butt-size as my cousin, which is why I borrowed her panties today". But I didn't, for two reasons: ONE is my panties are not something you should really be concerned with (it isn't about my panties), and TWO, this post isn't really about that but about haplotypes, genetic fragments, and fractions.

It's also about the recent news item that Adolf Hitler shared some genetic markers with Ashkenazi Jews, North Africans, and some very dark people indeed. The key word is E1b1b.

Fortunately I know about Gregor Mendel.

Which meant that I ended up reading about haplotypes.


Actually, Hitler had dna which showed ancestry in common with most of South-Western Europe and North Africa. The haplogroup in question is a variant on E1b1b, shared by many Arabs, Africans, and Ashkenazi Jews, as well as Frenchmen, Spaniards, Southern Italians, and some Germans. It is passed from father to son, and remains constant no matter how distant the ancestry - so really, it doesn't mean much. After ten generations (a mere three hundred years or so), there's less than one thousandth part of an ancestor in the descendant, after twenty generations, less than a millionth. Now imagine that the haplotype entered his ancestry during Roman times, and you will see that for all intents and purposes, there was almost nothing Jewish (or Berber, or Sudanese, etcetera) about him.

The point is, he probably shared ancestry with Genghiz Khan and Niall of the Nine Hostages as well. As do a majority of modern ethnic Europeans.

Was there anything actually Jewish about him other than a minute and rather unimportant genetic fragment? Maybe. Maybe no.

It's all about recessive genes versus dominant genes, basically, which also applies also to behaviour patterns based on instinctive tendencies. So a hobby or tic which has a deep-seated cause may crop up in variations over a number of generations, leading to what look like shared behaviours among a group. Like collecting glittery things by magpies, or a preference for certain types of trees by beaver populations.
Mutations are usually subtle, and can only be mapped over a span of several generations. So some characteristics will, even over a thousand years, remain constant - ever wonder WHY everyone says all of us Chinese look alike?
Within the same general gene pool (ie, a settled population group), a number of multi-gene interactions will frequently recurr, over several generations and among numerous individuals. And even traits which appear identical in their discernable manifestations may not be the same on a genetic level. So there are multiple variables to take into account, a number of which may be repetitive among a narrow spectrum of people who are of similar origin and share bloodlines.

To put it differently, I can tell who is 100% Toishanese or Hakka, because their facial types AND many of their unconscious patterns are so similar - even if they do not speak Toishanese or Hakka and have been several generations removed from Canton. But children of interracial marriages may after less than two generations no longer even look Asian. After four or five generations, the difference from Toishanese type is almost completely stable.

So, if there was anything 'Jewish' about herr Hitler, it was no more than what several hundred million people also share. In his case, we think he walked upright. More than that we cannot say.
By that measure we are all Jewish.

[Howdy. And shalom! Voss mokhs a yid? Ma shlomkha? Eat!]

Not Hitler's taste in panties...

And that, you see, also explains why my cousin and I have very similar little rumps and wear the same size undies, and why we prefer the same panty types too: pastel cotton with lacy edging. These are both 'inherited' characteristics and 'acquired' protective instincts within a close kingroup.
I am SO glad she goes to the same school.
Now if ONLY neither of us had run out of Ibuprofen!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Hate the mosque or hate the message?

A blogger whom I read occasionally (meaning - someone whom I'm internet stalking) has a totally unique point of view about the crowd opposing that mosque.
By which I mean that I really have to wonder about his sanity.

Is ribald or off-color humor REALLY the best way of fighting fools?

"darkness, stupidity, and idolatrous worship of a pit"


It sure is an interesting post. I had NO idea that men did such things among themselves. Now that I know, perhaps I ought to avoid them like the proverbial plague. They are sick puppies.

"I think it would please him immensely if Pamela Geller, Newt Gingrich, and Geert Wilders were beaten to death with his twenty inch long flexible rubber monster hose."

Yes, you read that correctly. The entire post is about unmentionable things. Which includes Pamela Geller, Newt Gingrich (I can't BELIEVE that he divorced his wife while she had cancer! And carried on with a woman twenty three years younger WHILE MARRIED!), and Geert Wilders.

On the whole, I would rather have Muslims in my neighborhood than any of those three. Far less threatening, even if marginally more inclined towards violence. Not so bloody vulgar in any case.
And they should go ahead and build that mosque. It may not have been the wisest idea to come up with, but it has absolutely become the right thing to do.
Don't give in to hate.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breast milk

Comes an interesting news-article:

SAUDI ARABIA: Cleric who urged grown men to drink breast milk of unrelated women taken off air

" ... Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Obeikan, the Saudi cleric and royal court adviser who earlier this year earned notoriety for rolling out an eyebrow-raising religious decree that called on women to give men breast milk to avoid illicit mixing ... "


Wow! I am not at all clear how they would obtain that milk, nor how it would avoid illicit mixing.
I rather think that it would promote exactly what it sought to discourage.
But I'm not lactating, so what do I know?

Sheikh Obeikan's radio show, Fatwas on the Air, is no longer being broadcast.
A very great pity.

If it still were, I imagine him pronouncing a deeply thought out follow-up Shariah-ruling about the matter.


Bismillah ur Rahman ur Raheem!
The proper Muslim way to partake of a woman's breast milk is to extend a tube with a nipple-cup to the relevant breast. In order to maintain propriety, the tube should be at least six feet long, bent once horizontally (either to the left or to the right), and twice vertically - thus the man would NOT be able to look directly at the relevant breast.

There should be three parts to the tube: a non-suggestive mouthpiece, a semi-rigid tube, and a nipple-cup.

The nipple-cup should be of generous dimension, and made of rubber or cured camel-hide, so that it is soft and loose enough to not betray either the moment of contact, OR the density of the breast, NOR even the general shape, contour, outline, density, sponginess, surface texture or skin tension, OR any other imaginable dimension or measurement.


The feeding tube should be cleaned rigorously between use: both with hot water and with fire, so that the next experience not reek of the last, nor a milking be rendered impure by the decay of previous milkings.

The tube and the cup should be examined regularly by a cleric.

A damaged tube may not be used; it is haram.
A tube with sharp parts may not be used; it is haram.
A tube with an irregular nipple cup may not be used; it is haram.


No one is to partake of both breasts (ie, a matched set, that being a pair of breasts that belong to one individual woman), as that demonstrates willful preference, and may lead to obsessions. One breast per person, neither more nor less, nor the same breast twice!
As with remarrying a woman that one divorced, where we hold that there must be an intermediary marriage before the man remarries her, there should be an intermediary breast between the breasts (clearly it is best if the man is acquainted with several breasts).

A man who partakes of breast milk should at ALL times have this feeding tube with him - so that no one can pinpoint the exact time of day when he is accustomed to partake, and so determine to observe. The woman should NOT touch the tube with any part of her body other than the breast in question, so that no actual mutual contact is implied by her co-operation, nor any co-operation by the contact.

It is better that the woman whose breast is targeted not be aware of the process, lest she inadvertently have unclean thoughts. She should be stunned first with a cudgel by a third party of impeccable reputation, in the presence of four witnesses of probity .......................

The Iranians, being fractious and Shia rather than Sunni, would no doubt disagree vehemently with such a Wahabi opinion, write their own rules for milking, and execute anyone who partook of breast-milk through immodest or Western methodologies.

In either case, many intellectuals in Europe and parts of America would wholeheartedly approve of the new traditions. So beautiful, so meaningful.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arab sexes Jewess

Interesting item in the news: An Arab man was found guilty of rape because he had sex with a woman whom he told he was Jewish. She claims that she was interested in a serious relationship, he may have simply wanted some nooky.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, had consensual sex with a woman after he posed as a Jewish bachelor interested in a long-term relationship.
End quote.


According to Kashur, he was exiting a grocery store in downtown Jerusalem around midday when a woman in her late 20s began to talk to him. "I would say she set upon me. She was interested in my motorcycle and so we talked".
End quote.

I can understand being attracted to the motorcycle. Motorcycles are very macho, very sexy. Much like many other pieces of machinery - and I am led to believe that many women in the Deep South find tractors and hay balers the very height of luscious machismo.

Also, in a country like Israel, it makes a lot of sense to broaden your sexual horizons beyond your own group if you are a minority - there's just so much greater a chance of getting laid that way. And I doubt that Sabbar Kashur would have wanted to hump someone he was related to, don't you? Just Arab women who were neither family nor part of his social circle? A very limited audience, I would imagine.

Crucial bit of data:
According to the complaint filed by the woman, the two met in a Jerusalem street in 2008 and had sex that day.

Wow. Sex that day. Must have humped like bunnies.

Personally I rather doubt that spontaneous casual sex is part of a serious relationship strategy.
But what I find REALLY INTERESTING is that she couldn't tell that he was an Arab.


According to many on the American and European left, the Israelis are all white Westerners oppressing a bunch of poor innocent little brown people.
Yet apparently they so look alike that one of the imperialists cannot tell that the man she is energetically cowgirling is NOT ONE OF HER OWN!!!

Conclusion: Naked Arabs and nude Jews are indistinguishable.

Another conclusion one could draw is that big white women are voracious and clingy at the same time.
That conclusion is far less interesting, though personally, I like the fact that such people remove so many fellas from the market; it leaves the more discriminating and well-mannered men in the remaining bachelor pool.
Which may be of some interest to me at several years hence. After college.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two beautiful blue bowls

A relative went down to the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Fair during the weekend, and came back with some bowls by Dick Lumaghi that appear to be pale Jun glazes, but no copper.
Or possibly rutile (segar) blues.
But I'm just guessing.

For those not in the know, Jun (鈞) glazes consist of at least three or four color influences.

[Jun glazes are so called after Jun-yao (鈞窯) ware, a type of celadon made during Sung, Chin, Yuan, and early Ming. The effects of the glaze are achieved by planned variance in firing temperature.]

This is caused by a separation in the molten glaze that can only occur at temperatures below 1200 and while the glaze is viscous. So it cannot occur in most kilns.. The kilns in China that produce Jun ware are heated up over a period of days, then gradually cooled down over several more days, allowing the opalescence to occur in the glaze. This can only result if the temperature is right for a long time.

These are caused by the inclusion of Wollastonite. The melting point is 1,540˚C.
Wollastonite is an impure limestone naturally compressed in the presence of silica-bearing fluids. It often contains traces of irons, magnesium, and manganese. Most Wollastonite comes from China, although it is also mined in Gouverneur, New York.
In ceramic, the crystalline structure of the material causes a streak effect between glassy and pearlescent.

Blue blue green
Like Celadon, the glaze material contains iron, which gives it a blue or blue-green effect. Iron oxide, reduction firing.

Additionally, many Jun glazes ALSO contain some copper, which results in purple hues.

What makes me think that the glazes on Dick Lumaghi's pieces is Jun style is that there is more body to the bowls. These do not feel as fine-paste porcelain, but more robust. Very much like high-fired stoneware. They have a well-chosen heft to them.

They are delightful "plant your face here and eat" bowls.
Perfect for chopstick meals.


Friday, July 9, 2010

SF support for terrorists

One of the best local reads about politics and news is the San Francisco Sentinel.

In a stinging rebuke of the hypocrits on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Sentinel founder Pat Murphy writes:
"No one can hurt you as deeply as your friends, no one can hurt you as much as those you admired and trusted"

This was concerning a viciously unbalanced anti-Israel resolution that two supervisors tried to ram through and get adopted.

Their pompous and outrageous stance would have made an international fool out of San Francisco.
Our city deserves better than San Francisco Supervisors Sophie Maxwell and John Avalos.

"The younger generation of Israelis worldwide were gulled into naïveté, demonstrated by audible gasps of genuine shock and pain Friday when the Maxwell-Avalos intent was announced at San Francisco Congregation Emanu-El."


Not just Israelis, mr. Murphy, also ever other right thinking person on the planet was repulsed.
Especially here in San Francisco - this is the city where the UN was founded!.
We will remember their treachery at voting time. And investigate who funds what, supports what. Certain SF politicians are sleeping with the enemy, some are pets of foreign interests.

The reason that San Francisco keeps voting for dunces such as these is largley because of funding from outside that supports extremism. Remember, this is were MoveOn got started, and where the Tides Foundation, inter alia, provides plausible deniability AND funding for terror supporters and revolutionaries.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jethro Tull and Jew-hate

Today the Jethro Tull fan facebook page is populated by racists and anti-Semites.

There are quite a number of Jethro Tull fans in the Arab world. Many of them seem to be old-fashioned bigots and psychopaths in the style of Husseini and As-Sawad.

Sample one: "Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them"

Sample two: "The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews - when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

I am baffled why this is has happened.

Not being a Jethro Tull fan, I do not know if their music is a natural fit for racial hatred and Arabic revisionism - probably everything in this world can be bent to those goals.
And seemingly everything in Cairo, Jordan, and Damascus, is.

Currently there are several Jew-haters there saying the most appalling things. Please report that page for racism/hate speech.

"The internet seemingly exist for FOUR things: recipes, cute kitten pictures, pornography, and anti-Semitic rants."

Fair enough. The pro-Palestinian crowd do not use computer access for recipes or cute kitten pictures.
They make up for that by overusing the other two categories.


Crossposted on
Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers , this post:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dabbling in degenerates

Someone on Facebook asked: “Do you find that Chassidish people on Facebook tend to be just perverts, or do they just lack the proper skill and approach?

As Rabbi Pinky would say, 'es iz an eppis tiefe shailah, b'emmes!

My first comment was "More perverted than anybody else? Or normal? I have met far fewer pervertim from a chossidische background on the internet than from any other group. But I don't know enough about perverts to judge."

Strictly speaking, that last assertion isn't true at all. I know plenty of perverts. Almost all schoolboys qualify, and so do most adult men. San Francisco is a hospitable environment for twisted sexualities of all kinds.
Half of the population is male. There's your statistical sample right there.

I just haven't met any Jewish perverts yet - there aren't enough Jews in SF to render them common.
I hope they have a sense of humor, or perhaps a cheerfulness about whatever zesty depravity they would like to get up to. That would be nice.

Most perverts, however, are drably predictable.

Looks away when an attractive or immodestly dressed woman approaches, then stares intently at her rear after she has passed. That tingling feeling up and down your spine? That's the ectoplasm from his gaze, touching you where you don't want to be touched. That sudden chill? His eyes have ripped off your blouse and bra from two blocks away. Not bold enough to even scope you out with a sideways glance, never the less fiendishly obsessed. You've seen him do it to other girls.
He'd be a serial killer if he weren't so bland.

Standard issue troll, who tries to cop a feel on a crowded bus, or undresses you with his eyes. Most likely to make a crude proposition, then denies having done so if you accuse him. He is probably married to a child-woman twenty years his junior. Does sales or marketing for a living. Can be sidetracked entirely by mentioning sports - when he's going on about the Lakers, he won't even notice you escaping.

A fossilized noodge, so delighted at sitting next to a young girl on the bus he just can't keep his eyes off her. Has a thing for knees. Radiates body heat, smells of second hand clothing. Creepy, but mostly harmless. Unless you are really cute.

Talkative neurotic. You try and try to ignore him, but he just cannot stop yacking about stuff that is of no interest whatsoever! Looks you straight in the eye so as not to betray that he has already mentally undressed and violated you repeatedly. Acts like a complete gentleman, but in his imagination he is doing stuff with a fantasy version of you and a tarpaulin, tight ribbons, handcuffs, mayonaise, and frilly black lingerie. Or worse.
Once you get home, you imagine something similar - same tarpaulin.
But there's an empty bucket, a pair of pliers, and a baseball bat, instead of the jar of mayonnaise.

Desperate middle-aged dilwad with a sportscar. Doesn't want sex, just wants to be seen as (still) sexual. Attracted to stacked blondes or hot dragonlady vixens, they are the perfect accessory. Flat-chested Chinese girls do NOT interest him. Can actually hold a conversation, though his eyes keep wandering off to the side like he has a nervous tic.

Serious fetishist. One of his things is the cute little Asian creampuff with a winsome face and little girl mannerisms. He's so desperate that he will even date Philippinas - all he cares about is the type, not the personality. If she coos and pouts he'll cream in his boxers. Conversationally, he's a disaster - once he catches your eye (from two blocks away!!!), he'll ask about your family, your sisters, your cellphone, your e-mail address, what fun and unique South-East Asian language do you speak (oh wow, what a coincidence, he speaks it too!) and do you like steak? Flowers? Spanking?

On the football team, all raging hormones and splendid macho muscles, and boy does he have an ego. All the girls want him, what's wrong with you? He'll even ignore the fact that you have glasses and no boobs, you should be flattered! Sometimes he just likes Asian chicks, they're not as demanding as blondes; if you don't leap at the opportunity now, you'll just be frustrated later, too bad, bitch.
When he's in college, he's going to use date-rape drugs.

Highschool boy. Really, that's all there is to it. Even at fifty years old.
So frustrated, despite visiting the powder room twelve times a day, that he just HAS to tell you that you're a very nice intelligent person, NOT like the other girls, and really cute, he doesn't mind small, really! Spoils everything by looking at every set of boobs that passes by, even if they're eighty years old.
No attention span. Sweats. Sometimes blinks. Resembles a lizard.

Captivated by flat chests. You catch him staring at you at the bus-stop. The next day he's there again at EXACTLY the same time. Feigning a friendly disinterest, he'll try to start a conversation about the weather. Or the pigeons. Or how old you are. By the fourth day you get on at a later stop. On the fifth day he's there too.
The sixth day you take a different bus.

Boisterous and no morals. What you look like isn't nearly as important as the fact that you are breathing. Likes everything he sees, as long as it has curves and can walk on it's own. A cheerful and friendly vulgarian, but you should NEVER tell him your name - he'll remember it the next time he sees you, two years later, when you are with all your relatives in the middle of Chinatown. You can't remember him from Adam at that point, and your mom is frowning - worthless girl, why are you hanging around with white boys?

It's a mine field out there.

If you've ever wondered why girls spend a lot of time in the shower, now you know. It's you. We're trying to wash you out of our minds.


But then there's also this dirty-minded fellow:

Despite his bluster, he really isn't interested in any other women than the one he's already caught. Unless they rub themselves all over with fine tobacco and lie wiggling naked on a bed of matured flue-cured ribbon, smoking a cigar.
But even then he probably wouldn't risk it.
The only danger you would run around him is cancer from the second hand smoke - yeah, he's probably all red eyes and heavy breathing, but that's only from the burning leaves.
No sotah here, folks, just keep moving along.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jews, leave Amsterdam!

More and more Dutch Jews are leaving the country of their birth for a safe haven elsewhere. That, in short, is the message of an article by Charles Sanders in the Telegraaf newspaper and a related piece by Jeroen Langelaar in Elsevier magazine in the Netherlands. This per ATBOTH at Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.

" ... The number of incident-complaints rose last year by 55% "

This statement, by reader Luuk in Groningen, is indicative of attitudes among the Dutch: "Better the Jewish interest groups should criticise their home country Israel over the discrimination of Palestinians. No wonder that more and more people have started despising Jews"( 'Laat de Joodse belangenorganisatie's hun thuisland Israël maar eens op de vingers tikken over de discriminatie van Palestijnen. Geen wonder dat er steeds meer mensen een hekel krijgen aan Joden' ).
Note here the combination of several ideas: Jews are foreigners in the Netherlands (where they have been for centuries), Jews are to blame for what Israel does, Jews in Europe belong in Israel but also don't belong in Israel because it belongs to the Palestinians (!), and it is both natural and good to despise Jews.


We do not hold Palestinian Americans responsible for the terrorism committed by their cousins, nor for the murderous attitudes expressed in the Palestinian media.

We do not hold Irish Americans responsible for the outrages done in their name by the murderers of the IRA.

We do not hold Russian Americans responsible for the slaughter of Chechen civilians.

" ... it is both natural and good to despise Jews "

But the Dutch - the most "tolerant" tribe on the planet, nota bene! - hold Jews responsible for things of which they disapprove.

Several readers postulated that Amsterdam Jews should loudly demonstrate against Israel and the misbehavior of their own people.
If they didn't do so, then they deserved to be hated and discriminated.


If this is the best that Europe can offer, the bastion of liberal democratic values, then Europe is done for. Clearly they have reverted to the barbarism and bigotries of the past.

It isn't only the Dutch.

The largest trade union in Britain has endorsed the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, in the spirit of International anti-Semitism now improved by politically correct smarm.

The Swedes refuse to load or unload Israeli ships - Scandinavians are ever sanctimonious, and it is comfortable to have one bigotry that everyone can agree on.

The French have yielded control of many of their urban areas to the unholy alliance of socialists and Jew-hating immigrants, the Turks sponsor terrorism and actively share NATO secrets with Syria and Iran, the Pakistanis support murderous extremists, and the Indonesians volunteer for Jihad.

At the root of much of this is the politically correct Jew-hate so common and fashionable in Europe, the Third World, United Nations Headquarters, and Berkeley.

There is nothing that Europe can teach us, and it is time we acknowledged that fact. Here in the United States things may not be perfect - but lord save us if we import anymore European ideas. We're far better off importing Jews.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quoting the Rimanover

Fellow bloggers Atboth and the Bray of Fundie both want this link posted:

The short and brutal version of that post is: If what you do isn't right, it affects everything you do. The detraction is greater than the mere act itself.

The long form is here.

As was to be expected, there's an entire list of baffling locutions. I'm getting used to people not using the queens English on the internet.

Here's what I think those words mean:

Agra D'Pirka = A book; maybe the name means 'fragments from chapters'. I don't know. I think the title is in Aramaic.
Avodah = Service. Faithful behaviour.
Bais Yaakov = House of Jacob; a girls school.
Bren = Fire. A burning. What Ada and Van felt in a book by Nabokov. Here it is connected to Bais Yakov girls, and totally clean.
Debritziner Rov = The rabbi from Debrecen.
Dinover = Biala or Munkatch Rabbinic dynasty - the internet search gave confusing answers.
Havdala = What keeps people like me from ever even thinking of becoming Jews.
Hechsher Tzedek = A kosher marking of goodness - the meat is slaughtered accoring to Jewish law, the workers are treated according to high ethical standards, and this is reliable certified.
Kashrus = Kosherness of food. No pork, no shrimp, no lobster, and a whole bunch of rules about how meat can be slaughtered and other things.
Khalav stam = Plain milk.
Khazal = The wise ancients, the sages of the past, excluding Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tze, and Sun tze.
Middos = Personal habits and character traits.
Mitzvos = Commandments; how one is supposed to act, and things one is obliged to do.
Ohr HaChaim HaQadosh = Rabbi Chaim Ben-Attar of Morocco, 1696-1743.
Orthoprax = Of correct behavior, not necessarily of correct beliefs.
OTD = Off The Derech (no longer on a straight and narrow Jewish path).
Ponzi scheme = Per Wikipedia: A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned.
Qedusha = Sanctity
Rimanov = From Wikipedia: "Rimanov is a town of 3,585 inhabitants (02.06.2009) in Poland's Subcarpathian Voivodeship. It is a capital of a separate commune within the powiat of Krosno."
Rimanover = From Wikipedia: "Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov (1745–1815) was a Hasidic Rebbe and author. Born in Neustadt, he was introduced to Hasidut at the age of 11 when he met Dovber of Mezeritch. He was taught by Elimelech of Lizhensk and Shmelke of Nikolsburg, and was the teacher of Naftali of Ropshitz and Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov.
As one of the three principal disciples of Elimelech of Lizhensk, he was an important Hasidic leader in Poland. He is known for his asceticism and mystical support for Napoleon, whose wars he identified with the battles of Gog and Magog."
Shidduch = Marriage
Tolaim = Insect infestation.
Tumah = Impurity, pollution.
Yeshiva = Literally, a squat. Figuratively and usually, a Jewish school.
Yiras Shomayim = Fear of Heaven.

What posts like this really illustrate is a rich life within some very narrow confines.
Sometimes I wonder of how much practical application such specialized knowledge and vocabulary is - I will probably have no cause to quote 'der Rimanover', and my relatives would look askance if I even mentioned him ('who ... is that kwailo, and WHY do you know him?!?') - but on the other hand, I'm starting to figure out how the Orthodox subculture works.
Which is quite as interesting a subject as any.

Several people have commented on that post, some to greater point than others.

I particularly like the sharpness of Midianite Manna, who in response to one such wrote:
"Here in hippie-town, in my liberal Jewish shul, I occasionally forget that there are venomous attitudes out there being propped up by willful misinterpretations of halacha. Or maybe that's unfair. Maybe the people spouting this nonsense are simply unthinking sheep who really never questioned what their bigoted rabbis told them.

Thank you, Mr. Bigot, for renewing my commitment to fostering strong, healthy, intelligent, and compassionate leadership among Jewish girls. "

You go, woman person!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Help Matt Fenster - register your bones

Fellow blogger Chaim Grossferstant ( ) has requested other bloggers to put up a Public Service Announcement for Matt Fenster, who may not live if no bone marrow donor can be found.

Matt Fenster has acute myelogenous leukemia.

Now, why should I care?
Who is Matt Fenster to me?

The better question is, why shouldn't I care? Can I really say that I'll do something good someday, when I am old and finally have time? Perhaps I will not grow old, and will never have time - and if I do not do what I can now, when will I do it? And if I do not do it, who will?

The odds of finding a match are slim because the donor has to equal a very specific profile and be of a similar ethnic background. Matches can be determined with a simple swab test of the inner cheek.

Go to:

If I did NOT call your attention to Matt Fenster, NOW that I know who he is and what is needed, it would make this world a little colder and darker.
If you register as a potential bone marrow donor for Matt Fenster, the world will be a little brighter.

We cannot make the world perfect - but we can make it better.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Have a "git shabbos", Chaim.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pot, seduction, and call me uncle!

The most dangerous phrase around the school playground is “come here little girl, would you like some candy?”
From what I’ve heard, however, it was a rather old fashioned lure.
Creeps, nowadays, don’t use candy.

They use pot.

My uncle Benedict recently offered me his precious pot, on "certain" conditions .........

Let me back up.
Old uncle Benny, who lives in sin with a shy white woman, specifically offered me his POT......,
of Things Past.
By Marcel Proust.

What he will give me, if I do so, is a lovely Yee-heng teapot (宜興茶壺 or 紫砂茶壺 Yee-heng/Tzee-sa tsa woo), circa Haam Fung Emperor (咸豐帝 1831 – 1861).
It is shaped like a little round pumpkin, with vine and leaves decorating the outside, a thick twisted branch forming the handle, another forming the spout. It is exceeeeeeeedingly desirable! The fragrance of generations of use adheres to it, a faint perfume wafts from the inside, and the outside is speckled and brindled from years of tea cascading down the sides at secondary filling.

[Gungfoo tsa (工夫茶 kungfu Tea): A small teapot is filled more than half full of prize leaves. Hot water (not boiling!!!) is poured in to overflowing, the lid is put on, after scarcely half a minute the water is poured out; this is the rinsing of the leaves.
Then more hot water is added, again to oveflowing, and after a minute decanted into tiny cups, or, if you are alone, a shallow bowl, and drunk. Each subsequent steeping is longer, and has a different flavor. With
Oolong (烏龍)or Woo-Yee (武夷) style teas, up to six steepings can be had. For solitary use, an even smaller pot than normal is best - you will nevertheless end up zipped to the tits and reading till three in the morning. It is very delicious.
Snobs and Taiwanese make a very big hoopla over it. The teapot, after years of use, acquires flavor and patina. Uncle Benedict has several small pots, in various shapes. I like it with Lok On (六安茶) style leaves from Kwantung.]

I've loved this pot since I was five.

À La Recherche du Temps Perdu is about a sensitive young man and what goes on inside his head. It is considered "the definitive Modern novel by many scholars".

It is four very thick volumes.

I am NOT fond of Madeleines!

And sensitive young men give me the screaming willies.

I never should have told the old cheese that I had read Gibbon! Suetonius was my downfall, it was him that lead me astray; the ancient Roman seduced me with glib words, and Benny was delighted to hear about it.
I can only plead naievete, I did NOT know that I was encouraging the old dear.

Really, I should've simply read Lord of the Rings. Followed Frodo in his preposterous adventures. Dreamt of dragons, elves, hobbits...... ick poo!
Ick poo, ick poo, ick poo!!!

Still, it is a beautiful teapot and I so very much want to have it. I wonder if there's any deal I can make with the old guy.
The words 'Faustian Bargain' come to mind.

I may just have to bite the bullet. Uncle Benedict is a stubborn old scholast. And I've got all summer.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


A report has been published that squarely assigns blame for the imbroglio in Afghanistan on the Pakistanis. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied Pakistan's involvement in the Afghan mess - for over a generation the ISI and other Pakistani groups have been heavily involved in every foul deed in the region.

Pakistani intelligence gives funding, training and sanctuary to the Afghan Taliban on a scale much larger than previously thought
End quote.


Support for the Afghan Taliban was "official ISI policy", the London School of Economics (LSE) authors suggest.
Pakistan's military denied the claims.
A spokesman said the allegations were "rubbish" and part of a malicious campaign against the country's military and security agencies.

End quote.

This, too, is typical of Pakistanis - like the Arabs, they disavow all responsibility and deny all involvement; someone else is ALWAYS to blame, usually in an imagined plot against them. Pakistan is ever rife with conspiracy theories featuring the CIA, Jews, Americans, and the Angrezi-log. Reality playes no part in the fevered Paki imagination.

"This goes far beyond just limited, or occasional support. This is very significant levels of support being provided by the ISI. We're also saying this is official policy of that agency, and we're saying that it is very extensive. It is both at an operational level, and at a strategic level, right at the senior leadership of the Taliban movement."
------Harvard analyst Matt Waldman

In other words, constant support from the Pakistani government, through its agencies, at multiple levels and from multiple departments, to many if not most facets of the Taliban organizational structure and to a number of Taliban actions and campaigns.
Plainly put: the Pakistanis are accessories to the deaths of American troops and American friends and allies - there is blood on Pakistan's hands.

"The Taliban largely depend on funding from the ISI and groups in Gulf countries" --- "Pakistan appears to be playing a double-game of astonishing magnitude."
End quote.

Given that the ISI is also still a major player in the drug trade as well as crime syndicates in the Gulf, this is not surprising. Pakistanis have always put personal gain ahead of clean government, ethical considerations, and honest achievement.

Last week Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh resigned, saying he had become an obstacle to plans to talk to the Taliban. Mr Saleh told Reuters news agency a day after quitting that the ISI was "part of the landscape of destruction" in Afghanistan and accused Pakistan of sheltering Taliban leaders in safe houses.
End quote.

As they still do for AlQaeda functionaries and other supra-local terrorist groups.

"Without a change in Pakistani behaviour it will be difficult if not impossible for international forces and the Afghan government to make progress against the insurgency"
End quote.

Without bombing Islamabad and destroying the governmental-terrorist infrastructure that characterizes the Pakistani state, changing Pakistani behaviour might be a tad hard.
At the very least, targeted assassination of Pakistani officials and members of parliament should be not only considered, but aggressively put into practice. If the world does not want another wave of terror and regional destabilization by those narco-vakils, Pakistan should be reduced to a less-than-third-world power. It would be no loss; they are already a dysfunctional society, and a pathetic excuse for a nation.

The war needs to be fought in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. We have no allies there, only friends of convenience, saboteurs, and cowards.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


On June 9th, 2010, San Francisco City Supervisors John Avalos, David Campos, Chris Daly and Sophie Maxwell introduced a resolution savagely condemning Israel’s interdiction of the Gaza Flotilla, and calling for President Obama to work to end the "siege on Gaza".

It's up for a vote by the board next week:
Tuesday June 15th, 2PM - 4PM.

Meddling in international affairs is typical of San Francisco.
But if San Francisco is going to rampage all over the purview of the US State Department, surely the SF Board of Supervisors should be aware that there might be consequences?

As a future voter in David Chiu's district, I have an interest in seeing him do the right thing.

Here's the contact data of our supervisors.
If you call them, be polite to the phone-staff and MAKE SURE that they will take the message.

David Chiu
Board President: District 3 - North Beach, Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, Polk Street, Nob Hill, Union Square, Financial District, Barbary Coast and Fisherman's Wharf
(415) 554-7450 - Voice
(415) 554-7454 - Fax

Eric Mar
District 1 - Richmond
(415) 554-7410 - Voice
(415) 554-7415 - Fax

Michela Alioto-Pier
District 2 - Marina
(415) 554-7752 - Voice
(415) 554-7843 - Fax

Carmen Chu
District 4 - Sunset
Voice: (415) 554-7460
Fax: (415) 554-7432

Ross Mirkarimi
District 5 - Cole Valley, Lower Haight, Western Addition, Haight-Ashbury, parts of Inner Sunset
(415) 554-7630 - Voice
(415) 554-7634 - Fax

Chris Daly [DARK SIDE]
District 6 - South of Market, Tenderloin, North Mission, South Beach & Treasure Island
(415) 554-7970 - Voice
(415) 554-7974 - Fax

Sean Elsbernd
District 7 - Lake Merced, Twin Peaks, Diamond Heights, Outer Sunset
(415) 554-6516 - Voice
(415) 554-6546 - Fax

Bevan Dufty
District 8 - Noe Valley, The Castro, Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Duboce Triangle, Dolores Park & San Jose / Guerrero, and Buena Vista Heights
(415) 554-6968 - Voice
(415) 554-6909 - Fax
[No e-mail - possibly a Luddite]

David Campos [DARK SIDE]
District 9 - Mission, Bernal Heights and Portola neighborhoods
(415) 554-5144 - voice
(415) 554-6255 - fax

Sophie Maxwell [DARK SIDE]
District 10 - Potrero Hill, Bayview-Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, Portola/Silver Terrace, Dogpatch, Little Hollywood, and Portola districts
(415) 554-7670 - Voice
(415) 554-7674 - Fax

John Avalos [DARK SIDE]
District 11 - Excelsior, Crocker-Amazon, Ingleside, Merced Heights, Ocean View, Balboa Park
(415) 554-6975 - Voice
(415) 554-6979 - Fax

If you send e-mails, it would be a good idea to courtesy copy Mayor Gavin Newsom

Mayor Gavin Newsom
City Hall, Room 200
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102

Telephone: (415) 554-6141
Fax: (415) 554-6160

As well as Senator Dianne Feinstein.

And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Just let them know what the kids at home are up to.


If you're from out of town, the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau is also mighty keen to hear from you.

Write them at:
San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau - Business Office
201 Third Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103-3185.
Public Relations:
Convention Sales:
Voice: 415-974-6900 Fax: 415-227-2602

Do please let them know how San Francisco's foreign politics will affect your travel plans.

They will be quite fascinated.


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Thursday, June 3, 2010


San Francisco, June 3, 2010.
Anarcho-Realist Press Services.

A friend forwarded a short text about the Turks from a blogger on the East Coast, who, I confess, I normally prefer not to read - his opinions are a bit too strident for my taste. But this is a time of stridency, and what Sultan Knish wrote is spot on. Yes, it's mean-spirited, vituperative, and venomous. But still, spot on. Eloquent, and bitchily to the point.


"You talk about stolen land, when your entire country is stolen land, from Cyprus to Istanbul. Your regime is a racist illegitimate entity based on the oppression of the Kurds, the Armenians, the Assyrians, the Circassians and numerous others. You went directly from being Imperialists to Fascists to Islamists, a truly dubious achievement for any nation. Your history is filled with slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide and invasion. And that's just in the last century alone. If you had any sanity or shame, you would dig a hole, crawl into it, and hope that no one mentions words like "Minority Rights" or "Territorial Legitimacy" in your presence, instead of trying to use them as a club against a nation whose national history predates yours by thousands of years. We had kingdoms and a civilization that changed the world, back when your ancestors were still trying to decide whether to eat the sheep or rape it."

Read the rest of it HERE!

Full link:


The title of this blog post was specifically (and provocatively) chosen to attract the attention of search engines. I have been advised that the primary subject should occur in the title, in order to make it more visible.

Turkish food is far better than the mediocre slop that Arabs normally serve. That's still not enough to justify their existence, though. They are a nasty race.
Arabs, on the whole, have better manners than the Turks - except when they're in a foaming rage (rabies seems a frequent emotional state among them) - but that, too, like Turkish cuisine, is just not enough.

Both the Arabs and the Turks are perpetually involved in brutal crimes against women; many of those crimes involve Asian women. The Philippina housemaids in the Gulf and Lebanon are treated like slaves and frequently raped and brutalized, the Turks in Europe are heavily involved in selling unwilling women to brothels, and other aspects of the prostitution industry.
Both the Arabs and the Turks believe in honor killings, wife-beating, and pedophilia (often called 'marriage' in their part of the world).

Arabs and Turks have a fetish for blondes - I'm not sure whether that makes them stupid, rednecks, or just fetishists. It's rather creepy.
And it shows that they think lof women as nothing more than objects.

Atboth advises me to also use the word 'pestilential' in this post. I have now done so. Not as an explicit description of the Turks (and Arabs), but as an implicit quality.