Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you very much-o, mister pervert-o!

So I happened to look something up on the internet, and was shocked by what I found. And amazed. And actually a little tantalized.
In a nauseated sort of way.

Turns out that the Japanese are absolutely the most pervy bunch of people on the planet.

And it is because of that little fact that I will never wear colored ribbons in my hair, dye my hair green or pink, or put on a little frilly sailor dress.
Nor even think of flashing little striped panties (SHIMAPAN: 縞パン).


The Japanese are nuts about feminine flimsies. There's even an animated adventure series about teenage girls and their underwear: SUTOPAN

Wait till you're in the public library before clicking on them! I'm serious!
Oh, and NONE of the manga babes in those pictures looks anything at all like me, though I am thinking of using one of them as my facebook picture.


SF blogger Atboth describes the Dutch as sexual degenerates. But they've probably got nothing on the Japanese! Even their forays into occassional light farmyard bestiality must seem fresh and innocent when compared to the sheer tsunami of fetishism, voyeurism, sexfever, artistic bondage sadism and masochism, twisted lust, and obsessive-compulsive genderbending peculiarity of Japan.

See, that's why there's a sex-opera about the Japanese (Madama Butterfly). They'd NEVER be able to write such a thing about the Chinese - we're very private about our predilections. If we have any. Which I doubt.

There aren't even any good Chinese pornofilms!

Or so I have heard.

Trust me, nothing at all in the way of watchable Chinese porn, far better you go watch something Japanese, okay? Go on, nice Japanese smutty-smut waiting FOR YOU!
Nihonmachi is thattaway. You go now, have fun!

There ought to be a warning on the internet for all of us normal people that it is infested with Dutch and Japanese sex monsters.
Of course, without them, the internet would also be far less interesting. Probably nothing but bad recipes and cute cat pictures.
So perhaps the Japanese (and the Dutch) do actually serve a purpose.
They keep us appalled.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sex with teenagers

A schoolteacher who admitted to having a prolonged sexual fling with a thirteen year old student (it started when he was twelve) was sentenced to twenty years in the slammer today.

See this article:
And this angry blogpost:

Oh. The. Humanity. And whatever.

Twenty years sounds about right.

Not for sex.

For abusing her position of trust and authority.

With sex.

If we're gonna slam senators for porking pages, priests for fondling altar boys, and famous European cinmatographers for drugging and sodomizing a pubescent Southern California girl, it makes sense to also prosecute a deranged nymphomaniac in the Midwest (or wherever Idaho is) for jumping a cubscout in her care.

It's primarily a question of not abusing the trust that society has, or has placed, in one.

People in high position should be beyond reproach, like Caesar's wife (Messalina is NOT the example that should come to mind at this point).

Youthful Aardvarking

I like the concept of teenagers having sex, lord knows several of my peers have jumped at the opportunity. But I appreciate the concept primarily because I like to speculate about the sleaze-factor in other people's lives.
It's their sex, their wiggly bits, and their potential oozing infection plus drama, heartache, despair, and insane lust overriding all sense of reason, and all common sense.

Sex is entertainment, especially in the hands of loonies.
Or in whichever part of their anatomy they chose to use.

But a thirteen year old boy is hardly the equal of some crazed cougar who shouldn't be teaching in the first place. Most boys of that age are utter idiots anyway, with only one thing on their minds. It's not like they can actually relate to a women at that age. Other than their moms.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Code Pink, in other news....

A fellow blogger who shall remain anonymous but who probably stinks of fine tobacco informs me that the local cell of Code Pink is sooooooo upset over the Egyptians refusing to allow a bunch of troublemakers to cross into Gaza from Sinai that they are planning to starve themselves for two hours - TWO WHOLE HOURS! - per day outside the Egyptian Consulate today, tomorrow, and the day after.


Good frikkin lord. They're insane.

But what set them off?


Gaza marchers on hunger strike in Egypt
Protesters trying to march into Gaza a year after an Israeli offensive are on hunger strike after Egypt blocked them from crossing the border.


In Cairo hundreds of activists are camped outside the United Nations mission in Cairo trying to get them to pressure the Egyptians to let them cross the border with the Gaza Strip.

The "Viva Palestina" convoy, led by British MP George Galloway, has been blocked from getting on a ferry from Aqaba to the Egyptian town of Nuweiba where it planned to continue by road to the Rafah border crossing.
But now the convoy faces a potentially budget-draining journey back through Jordan to the Syrian port of Latakia, followed by several ferries to El Arish.


George Galloway is the notorious agitator and instigator representing the terror supporters residing in Bethnal Green and Bow, which is a pee-poor and largely subliterate part of London, England. He is a member of the house of commons.

The internationals who wish to march into Gaza are largely from the United States. They too are in the main subliterate. And pro-terror.

The CODE PINK dames who intend to starve themselves for two hours a day for three days are Nancy Mancias and Leslie Angeline - also largely subliterate.

The Egyptian Consulate is located at 276 Mallorca Way in San Francisco.

The nearest Pizza place is Marina Pizza & Caffe at 2139 Lombard Street (415-449-9233 ), minimum delivery $12.00, or Pizza Pino at 1534 California Street (415-449-9253 ), minimum delivery $20.00.
I mention this just in case you wish to join Nancy Mancias and Leslie Angeline, and any other Code Pink morons. And plan to enjoy some fine food while watching them starve themselves... FOR... TWO... SOLID... HOURS...
Consider this information a favor from me to you, as I would not want sensible people to go hungry while poking Nancy Mancias and / or Leslie Angeline with sticks. I know how much energy that takes.

Did I already say "oh the humanity"? Oh I did? Oh well.
Have some pizza.
It's for a good cause.

I hope it rains.