Monday, August 17, 2009

Chinkiness and tinsel

On beautiful sunny days in San Francisco the European tourists bloom. You can tell that they are European, as they look different. And smell different. Sometimes very different. And be different I mean something else.
It's probably all that walking they do. Busts out a sweat.

But, speaking of smelling different, I've often wondered if the tourists like Chinatown for its colorful quantness - overflowing garbage cans, colored lanterns, Chinky-winky decorations, plastic and tinsel Chinesey decorative touches, or merely for the fact that a large number of yellow people are in evidence.

Probably isn't the large number of yellow people in evidence - Daly city got the same, so does Mountain View. But NO BUGGERY TOURISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, the Mountain View downtown area is almost entirely yellow people. Not even the guey low from the surrounding area go there much. It is far TOO Chinese.

But here in SF, we have just the right balance. Cute, colorful, exotic fripperies, plenty yellow people, and lotsa overflowing garbage cans (cause there are too many yellow people and not enough garbage men). So we get ALL the tourists. Who take pictures of the frip, the garbage, and the yellow.

Oh we are so lucky.


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