Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting closer, getting closer!

It's almost here! My birthday! I'll be turning six feet tall and blonde! Yay!

Fooled you, didn't I? You almost believed me. No, I'll just be officially one year older. And magically more mature, too.

I can already smell the cake, though. I hope it's strawberry.

See-toh-bei-li Dan-gow!

Actually, the correct term for strawberry is 草莓果 (tsow mui gwoh - 'grass berry fruit'). Two thick layers of cake bonded together with strawberry chunks in cream, covered in cream, with whipped cream on top. So very delicious!
That will be at home. Plus some pastries for tea the next day: 豆沙酥、老婆餅
Flaky black bean paste buns and elderly auntie (lotus seed paste) buns.

Old people like those better, and they're fun too.

All of this, please understand, is good for the complexion. Honest.


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