Friday, July 9, 2010

SF support for terrorists

One of the best local reads about politics and news is the San Francisco Sentinel.

In a stinging rebuke of the hypocrits on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Sentinel founder Pat Murphy writes:
"No one can hurt you as deeply as your friends, no one can hurt you as much as those you admired and trusted"

This was concerning a viciously unbalanced anti-Israel resolution that two supervisors tried to ram through and get adopted.

Their pompous and outrageous stance would have made an international fool out of San Francisco.
Our city deserves better than San Francisco Supervisors Sophie Maxwell and John Avalos.

"The younger generation of Israelis worldwide were gulled into naïveté, demonstrated by audible gasps of genuine shock and pain Friday when the Maxwell-Avalos intent was announced at San Francisco Congregation Emanu-El."


Not just Israelis, mr. Murphy, also ever other right thinking person on the planet was repulsed.
Especially here in San Francisco - this is the city where the UN was founded!.
We will remember their treachery at voting time. And investigate who funds what, supports what. Certain SF politicians are sleeping with the enemy, some are pets of foreign interests.

The reason that San Francisco keeps voting for dunces such as these is largley because of funding from outside that supports extremism. Remember, this is were MoveOn got started, and where the Tides Foundation, inter alia, provides plausible deniability AND funding for terror supporters and revolutionaries.


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