Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arab sexes Jewess

Interesting item in the news: An Arab man was found guilty of rape because he had sex with a woman whom he told he was Jewish. She claims that she was interested in a serious relationship, he may have simply wanted some nooky.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, had consensual sex with a woman after he posed as a Jewish bachelor interested in a long-term relationship.
End quote.


According to Kashur, he was exiting a grocery store in downtown Jerusalem around midday when a woman in her late 20s began to talk to him. "I would say she set upon me. She was interested in my motorcycle and so we talked".
End quote.

I can understand being attracted to the motorcycle. Motorcycles are very macho, very sexy. Much like many other pieces of machinery - and I am led to believe that many women in the Deep South find tractors and hay balers the very height of luscious machismo.

Also, in a country like Israel, it makes a lot of sense to broaden your sexual horizons beyond your own group if you are a minority - there's just so much greater a chance of getting laid that way. And I doubt that Sabbar Kashur would have wanted to hump someone he was related to, don't you? Just Arab women who were neither family nor part of his social circle? A very limited audience, I would imagine.

Crucial bit of data:
According to the complaint filed by the woman, the two met in a Jerusalem street in 2008 and had sex that day.

Wow. Sex that day. Must have humped like bunnies.

Personally I rather doubt that spontaneous casual sex is part of a serious relationship strategy.
But what I find REALLY INTERESTING is that she couldn't tell that he was an Arab.


According to many on the American and European left, the Israelis are all white Westerners oppressing a bunch of poor innocent little brown people.
Yet apparently they so look alike that one of the imperialists cannot tell that the man she is energetically cowgirling is NOT ONE OF HER OWN!!!

Conclusion: Naked Arabs and nude Jews are indistinguishable.

Another conclusion one could draw is that big white women are voracious and clingy at the same time.
That conclusion is far less interesting, though personally, I like the fact that such people remove so many fellas from the market; it leaves the more discriminating and well-mannered men in the remaining bachelor pool.
Which may be of some interest to me at several years hence. After college.



  1. Oh, good Lord.

    'Rape by deception'?

    Court loses mind.

  2. I am clearly frequenting the wrong grocery stores here.