Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alice Walker - Cannibal goddes

There are authors whose books we must read, because they are deep and meaningful and important, and contain a beautiful glorious truth.
Not real thruth, you understand, but deep meaningful important truth.

Truth that is far better than real truth. New improved truth.

Amy Tan, of course. One of the genuine one-shot wonders of the Chinese-American community, whose next book is even more insufferable than the last.
Frank Chin, a Chinese-American playwright who is deeply resentful of the successes of Chinese-American female authors, must also be read - he too represents 'new improved truth'.

Giant purple emasculatrix

One of the greatest inventors of deep meaningful important truth is Alice Walker.
Like Amy Tan, pretty much a one-shot pony.
The Color Purple is a must-read classic, heavens you haven't developed your mind and your soul if you have.... NOT.... READ.... THE COLOR PURPLE!!!!

Insert multicolored exclamation marks here, and break out the emotionally supportive champagne. It is so very deep and meaningful you should cry. Or kill yourself, if you are a white male, but of course you aren't. For at least the several hours that it takes to read The Color Purple, you are the beauteous copper-hued earth-mother, big of breast, timeless and ancient.
Not white. Not male. Not guilty.

And also, almost certainly, not Jewish. Coz if you are Jewish, Ms. Alice Walker sincerely wishes you to understand that you are the paradigm of whiteness and maleness.
And very very guilty.

Let us explore, shall we?
Alice Walker is suggesting, not exactly alleging, but musing on the notion that Teva and Naot are using Palestinian prison labor to make sandals for export.
This is pure bigotry, and it's being promoted by a woman who for at least a couple of generations of American feminists and activists has been promoted as a deeply spiritual person, a secular saint, a champion of the oppressed. Children are dying in Sderot, and Walker can't be bothered to care. She's chosen sides in a war she hardly understands, and allied herself with people who care nothing for either Israeli or Palestinian lives. "
End quote.
"Well, because I really love people, "
End quote.
Yet another idiot toured Gaza, declared the results of the war horrible, and blamed Israel. This one, though—well, she’s toeing the Hamas propaganda line quite closely.
End quote.
All that said, it’s time for examples that shine light upon Walker’s state of mind: "True to my inner Goddess of the Three Directions ... I [do not] agree with everything Obama stands for…[because] there is not one person I wish to see suffer, no matter what they have done to me or to anyone else; though I understand quite well the place of suffering, often, in human growth."
What is that except an example of pompous, shallow Leftist nonsense spewed with the clarity of the noonday sun.
End quote:
Alice Walker, it seems, is a woman who cannot love her own daughter or grandson, yet loves the whole American people, despite their inability to write a sentence, despite them being "racist and sexist and greedy above all".
End quote.
"It is Mr Obama's statement that, when he is President, he (the US) will pursue al-Qaeda in the hills of Pakistan, find Osama bin Laden and "kill" him. Though I understand that Mr Obama wishes to show himself as "strong", even "tough", this is problematic on ethical, moral, and practical levels. "
End quote.

That ought to do it. A sampling from left, right, center, and outerspace.
I love it when we're all on the same page.

The problem with Alice Walker is her cloud-cuckoo-land way of thinking, which is made the more unpalatable by her staggeringly bad writing. The combination of tendentious drivel, new-age codswallop, and self-important meaningfulness fair about makes one puke.

Must-read authors like Ms. Walker will ultimately be responsible for wholesale despoilation, murder, and the burning of books. In reaction, or because of the trauma to the mind that their crap creates.
After reading her latest painful essay, I want to go out there and wallop a Palestinian in revenge.


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