Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank you so much for mentioning me with Richard Becker's little wangy

Oh no! I have been linked by an elderly man! Is this the beginning of a tumultuous loss of innocence? Depravity beyond several very wild dreams???????????

Or words to that effect.

Atboth mentioned my three Lolita posts in a link-dump on Friday.

Three quotes:

"I am thrilled to bits that a thirteen-year old is reading Nabokov. Perhaps it isn't healthy, but I shan't say anything. I started reading Nabokov when I was thirteen, and knew all about the nictitating grasses by the time I was fifteen."

We all know how you turned out.

"Vladimir Nabokov is food for developing minds, nourishment for the soul."

Rich and fatty.

"Just avoid the depressing second half of Ada - it isn't nearly so sprightly and joyous as the first half, in which Van and Ada first mutually frustrate, then obsessively conjugate."

I am SO not going there.

You mentioned my posts after talking about Snooky's underwear and Grant's thing for Richard Becker's penis. Thrilling company, but, um, disturbing? I'm sure that panties are a metafor of something, deeply symbolic, but Grant and his penis-envy are NOT entirely normal.

I myself have utterly NO INTEREST in Richard Becker's small penis. I'm sure in it's own way it is quite charming. But I'm not curious. I've seen photos of Richard Becker. I'm just not into fossilized old poops. Yes, I like some things that are small and cute. But absolutely not if they're attached to dried-up ancient cheeses.

Grant, if you read this blog, please remember that.


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