Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sexfreaks and bores: Humbert Humbert returns to Ramsdale

Professor Humbert found Lolita again, but she is more lost to him then when she was a child. She has grown up, he really hasn't. He flees from her weeping.

The hunt for the evil Quilty is on!

Well, at least this nutball is finally facing reality. Lolita's rejecting him, now that she is married, is forcing him to confront not only his own aesthetic paedophilia (forgive the spelling, Herr Nabokov would approve), but also the fact that Clare Quilty is no worse then he himself is. He had thought his own perversion quite exquisite and refeeeeened, Quilty merely a deviant and child-like child-rapist.
But he sees now that he has, by his exploitation of Lolita, deprived her of her childhood, no matter how willingly she jumped his middle-aged bones.

Humbert has revisited Ramsdale, scene of his many happy hours resisting the repulsive blandishments of Charlotte while envisioning eventualities with Dolores.

He is now heading to Pavor Manor. With his gun in his hand (good place for it).

Oh great - he's gonna whack his penile rival with a penis substitute.
The penis symbols just mount and mount, coming faster and faster.
Something's gotta explode.

And I still haven't flung this convoluted book away from me. so I guess we'll find out in the next post how the tale of a middle aged sex troll, a child-molesting playwright, a teenage concubine, and several other sexually crippled characters ends.
Oh yes, I already know it ends with a bullet. But the degenerate lives of white people just enchant me. They are so creative when they're depraved.


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