Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lilly Haskell's other life

This is fascinating! Apparently Lilly Haskel (aka 'Elizabeth Aida Haskell, aka 'The Wicked Wellesley Wench') is suing the city of San Francisco or the SFPD for taking a dna swab when she got arrested last year for brutally ganging up on a Jewish granma in the Civic Center Bart Station!


I wonder why she objects.

Surely she isn't afraid that her dna will match some child-rapist or killer-sadist somewhere?

Did she do things while back east that can not bear the light of day?

Someone enlighten me please!

I'm dying to know what the chief-organizer of the Arab Resource Organizing Commitee was up to while in college. Other than that trip to Africa.


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  1. Lily was arrested at the Civic Center near City Hall for grappling with police and causing chaos. She wasn't part of the 5 boyz who assaulted the grandmother at the BART station.