Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fisking a fruitbat

Over the course of several days I have been "discussing" the vandalism committed against rabbi Lerner in Berkeley with an anonymous commenter underneath a post by Ami Isseroff.

[Here: ]

Everybody rightly condemns the vandalism - it was a cowardly act, and it's intent was to threaten someone for deeply held if totally berserk personal beliefs. In the United States you are allowed to believe whatever you wish, no matter how wrong, no matter how crazy - and several people indulge in that right.

Such as that particular commenter. Who proves himself very very wrong, and, quite possibly, crazy as a bedbug.

His most recent comment was to aver something ridiculous, and provide a link to an article supposedly backing that claim.

"Look, lerner got PUNKED for real by alice walker on Yom Kippur last year!!! lerner's stupidity back fires on him by his own admission on beyt tikkun's website."

Besides being totally irrelevant, and having nothing at all to do with any of the issues in that comment string, that article actually proves entirely the opposite - Lerner to his credit justifiably calls Alice Walker to task for lying about rapes in the disputed territories.

Consequently, I have attempted to demonstrate to him (the commenter - assuming it's a 'him', as he is far too stupid to be a woman) that well, no, his assertion isn't borne out by the article to which he linked.
I have done so in this post:

Honestly, folks, if Rabbi Lerner or that commenter were in any way representative of Jews, it would be utterly surprising that Judaism had survived this long and that Israel had ever been reborn as an independent nation. Fortunately they aren't.
Though both of them are, in their muddled thinking and ridiculous assumptions, good clear arguments for valium and public whippings.


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