Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hitler was Jewish

I wanted to call this post "Why I have the same butt-size as my cousin, which is why I borrowed her panties today". But I didn't, for two reasons: ONE is my panties are not something you should really be concerned with (it isn't about my panties), and TWO, this post isn't really about that but about haplotypes, genetic fragments, and fractions.

It's also about the recent news item that Adolf Hitler shared some genetic markers with Ashkenazi Jews, North Africans, and some very dark people indeed. The key word is E1b1b.

Fortunately I know about Gregor Mendel.

Which meant that I ended up reading about haplotypes.


Actually, Hitler had dna which showed ancestry in common with most of South-Western Europe and North Africa. The haplogroup in question is a variant on E1b1b, shared by many Arabs, Africans, and Ashkenazi Jews, as well as Frenchmen, Spaniards, Southern Italians, and some Germans. It is passed from father to son, and remains constant no matter how distant the ancestry - so really, it doesn't mean much. After ten generations (a mere three hundred years or so), there's less than one thousandth part of an ancestor in the descendant, after twenty generations, less than a millionth. Now imagine that the haplotype entered his ancestry during Roman times, and you will see that for all intents and purposes, there was almost nothing Jewish (or Berber, or Sudanese, etcetera) about him.

The point is, he probably shared ancestry with Genghiz Khan and Niall of the Nine Hostages as well. As do a majority of modern ethnic Europeans.

Was there anything actually Jewish about him other than a minute and rather unimportant genetic fragment? Maybe. Maybe no.

It's all about recessive genes versus dominant genes, basically, which also applies also to behaviour patterns based on instinctive tendencies. So a hobby or tic which has a deep-seated cause may crop up in variations over a number of generations, leading to what look like shared behaviours among a group. Like collecting glittery things by magpies, or a preference for certain types of trees by beaver populations.
Mutations are usually subtle, and can only be mapped over a span of several generations. So some characteristics will, even over a thousand years, remain constant - ever wonder WHY everyone says all of us Chinese look alike?
Within the same general gene pool (ie, a settled population group), a number of multi-gene interactions will frequently recurr, over several generations and among numerous individuals. And even traits which appear identical in their discernable manifestations may not be the same on a genetic level. So there are multiple variables to take into account, a number of which may be repetitive among a narrow spectrum of people who are of similar origin and share bloodlines.

To put it differently, I can tell who is 100% Toishanese or Hakka, because their facial types AND many of their unconscious patterns are so similar - even if they do not speak Toishanese or Hakka and have been several generations removed from Canton. But children of interracial marriages may after less than two generations no longer even look Asian. After four or five generations, the difference from Toishanese type is almost completely stable.

So, if there was anything 'Jewish' about herr Hitler, it was no more than what several hundred million people also share. In his case, we think he walked upright. More than that we cannot say.
By that measure we are all Jewish.

[Howdy. And shalom! Voss mokhs a yid? Ma shlomkha? Eat!]

Not Hitler's taste in panties...

And that, you see, also explains why my cousin and I have very similar little rumps and wear the same size undies, and why we prefer the same panty types too: pastel cotton with lacy edging. These are both 'inherited' characteristics and 'acquired' protective instincts within a close kingroup.
I am SO glad she goes to the same school.
Now if ONLY neither of us had run out of Ibuprofen!


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