Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mosque bigotry and racism

Opposition to the mosque at 51 Park (colloquially known as 'The Ground Zero Mosque') may qualify you for the title of 'bigot'. In this you will not be alone - several million 'nice white people of limited literacy' in this wonderful nation join you! Yes! You too are an ethnic group ("nice white people of limited literacy"), and you should probably go somewhere and form your own country. I suggest Alaska.


At the risk of beating a dead horse: the damn thing isn't ON ground zero but at least two blocks away, it isn't a mosque but more a Muslim version of a JCC or YMCA, it isn't a training ground for terrorists or even funded by or for terrorists, it isn't a symbol of triumph to have a building significantly shorter than many nearby buildings, the term Cordoba indeed echoes a once-great Muslim city but ALSO the loss of that city and the final defeat of Muslims in Spain (followed by their expulsion and permanent erasure as a political group in Iberia), and, most importantly, Glen Beck, Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, and several others spearheading the opposition to the mosque are blatant racists.

The opposition by the most repulsive elements of American society to Cordoba House have transformed what was once not a particularly good idea into an absolute imperative. That 'mosque' must be built, there is no choice; if it isn't, evil will have won.
Preventing the building of Cordoba House will mark the failure of American civilization, and the triumph of tyranny.

I am not fond of Islam. Even less am I fond of ignorance and bullyism.
I therefore must support Cordoba House. There is no other choice.

I don't cotton to mosques, I dislike Islam, and the entire Middle-East outside of Israel looks from this distance as a place of perpetual bloodshed and barbarism.
But many ancient mosques are incredibly beautiful pieces of architecture, often at the heart of universities and hospitals that flourished when Europe was still a bloody mudpit filled with wallah-wallah shouting savages and democracy hadn't even been invented yet, and many modern mosques serve EXACTLY the same function for their mukim ("parish") as churches: social center, bingo hall, and the charitable heart of a community.

I don't like churches either, but there are already tons of those - this country is OVERWHELMINGLY Christian. Those folks need a place to go.

So do Muslims. Who are barely a few million in the US. Not a significant percentage of the population, except, nota bene, in the area where Cordoba House will be built. And even there they are small fish in a large pond.


Besides, Dovbear mentions that there are also places nearby that cater to America's upstanding non-Muslims.

Specifically, strip clubs.

There. Doesn't that please you? While Ibrahim and Ahmed are attending to Allah in the prayer-room, or washing their hands and feet preparatory to religious service, John and Bubba-Joe can enjoy the gyrations of a hefty blonde nearby, while getting smashed on Bourbon or Budweiser. Everybody happy.

Ogling strippers and getting smashed (and possibly even catching the clap afterwards)!
Dude, you can't get more 'nice white person of limited literacy' than that!


So much for the sacred ground argument. Pole dancers, liquor stores, and fast-food joints.

Also from Dovbear: "Are you aware that Rauf says in his books that the U.S. political structure is already Sharia compliant? (Thus the charge that he wants America "to become Sharia compliant" is completely false) "

An interpretation of Sharia and its role in completely modern terms - what's right with America is what's right with Islam. Rauf is playing with the same deck of cards as us.

"I wouldn't say the United States deserved what happened on 9-11."
------Feisal Abdul Rauf

Actually, even more interesting, check out point number eleven on Dovbear's post. Apparently Glen Beck said that United States policies contributed in part to the terrorist strike on September 11.
While Imam Rauf stated "I wouldn't say the United States deserved what happened on 9-11."

Yep. Blowback.


Maybe those who oppose Cordoba House/Park 51 are scared of Islam?

Perhaps Islam's conversion by conquest of so much of North Africa and the Near-East is cause for their alarm.......

The Catholics were far worse in South America, the Protestants raped much of Asia.
As a "heathen Chinee", I for one cannot look at the many churches in San Francisco with anything other than distaste.
The Japanese took one look at the Europeans and their warlike Christian activities and decided to keep the entire lot out for centuries (well, other than the Dutch - harsh Calvinists, but convinced that Asians were not worth "saving", and therefore mostly harmless).

The United States, motivated by the purest of Protestant motives, invaded the Philippines and destroyed their nascent independence movement, in order to make "our little brown brothers" ready for Christianity. They conveniently overlooked the stalwart fire and sword conversionary activities of the Spanish, who spent three centuries christianizing the natives with rape, slavery, extortion, and brutality - very successfully too, I might add.
The American forces during the war that followed managed to cause the deaths of nearly twenty percent of the Philippino population (almost all of whom were Christian).
A famous Protestant victory!

By the way, those 'harmless' Dutch Calvinists savagely butchered Balinese (Hindus), Acehnese (Muslims), Dayaks (animists), and Jakarta Chinese (Buddhists), while energetically furthering the noble cause of their Calvinist bulwark against the Spanish (Catholics) and Portuguese (allegedly also Christians of some sort).
Oh, and they also killed many Spanish and Portuguese while they were at it.

What both Catholic and Protestant nations did to the people of Africa cannot even be mentioned, as I'm trying to run a clean blog here.

How the Europeans behaved towards each other during the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth century during their near-endless religious wars somewhat dwarfs what the Muslims did anywhere.
Several centuries of savage internecine slaughter, in between rapes. For very nice and thoroughly Christian motives, by very nice and thoroughly Christian people.

Surely the world should fear Christianity, in all of its myriad militant forms, much more than a bunch of kabob-selling immigrants who wish to have a social center and place to nourish the spirit in the largest, most cosmopolitan, and most diverse city in the world?

If we cannot defend the rights of even that group of immigrants - especially their right to practice their religion peacefully, in an American context - then all of us are at risk.
Not only those of us who are your "little brown brothers" - also you whites.
The Catholics will not be safe. The Jews will not be safe. The Heretics will not be safe.


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