Sunday, April 25, 2010

If that's the answer, you shouldn't have posed the question!

The internet is possibly the worst thing ever put in the hands of certain people. Yes, it can be used for good. Most of the time it's used for pornography, lolcats, and pictures of stupid things.

And sometimes, sometimes, it proves that a shallow genepool is a very bad thing.

Enter The Ninja
By Die Antwoord.
It represents South African 'Kulcha'!
And butterflies.

Five and a half minutes of funky honky hiphop proving beyond any possible doubt that inbred gangly blondes are your worst nightmare, tattooed stringy white boys should not rap (ever!), and people with an Asian thing going on are often quite quite loopy. Good lord almighty, this is a bad video; it redifines bad, and adds layer upon putrid layer of rotten bad-ass badness to the very concept of bad. This is more than bad, it is loathsome, nauseating, nasty, frightening, and repulsive.
Badder than this is hard to imagine.

It is also the most amusing thing I've seen all week. My stomach aches and I'm hoarse with laughter.

Which, it turns out, may be more or less what the "musical geniuses" of Die Antwoord ('the answer') intended all along.

The Wikipedia entry on the band, if read between the lines, indicates that they may actually know what they are doing (however unlikely though that seems). Their website seems to be dense with the F word, and has some LOVELY pictures of inbred salt of the earth types.

I am torn between being repulsed, and appreciating their feral charm.
They'll be touring in the northern hemisphere sometime this year.
You can't wait. Might as well admit it.
Hwot kaik yay, poes.


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