Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm halfway towards becoming a lesbian

My auntie had a child two days ago. A male. It was quite a feat.

He's a fat little fleshball. Looks like a taro root. Nineteen and a half inches (nearly), eight and a half pounds (slightly more than).
She said it was like passing a cinder block.

In slow motion.


I am so not having kids if I can help it!

Once I asked my mom about sex, and she told me "let your husband teach you".
Well number one, no thanks, I'd rather know what I'm getting into BEFORE it happens, and number two, junior high really has changed since you were young, mom. You won't believe what some of these white kids have on their facebook pages.

Some of them are just begging for stalkers.

I asked you because I wanted the clean version!!!

Apparently, you don't know that one either.

Or you're not letting on.

So yeah. The magic of procreation can go fly a kite. Biology is a bitch. Not going there.



  1. Can I just say that this is quite the most interesting development I have seen? Please keep me updated on your progression.

    Pictures, graphs, charts, and metrics, please.

  2. Studying to become a rabbit?

    Jack and Moppet give private lessons.
    You know where to reach them, I assume?