Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Worries about the UC San Diego Divestment campaign

Thinking about college is not something I planned to do quite as yet, yet it is being thrust upon me. Living in California, naturally West-Coast universities are the most logical potential choices.

Except that they are less and less attractive.

UC Berkeley is out of the question – the atmosphere on the campus across the bay is so thoroughly hateful that it would be downright dangerous to go there unless one supported dictatorships like Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran.

San Francisco State, still reasonably affordable, is sodden with rabid anti-Americans and partisans of third-world gangsters, besides having had its courses severely reduced as well as its academic standards diminished.

Irvine and most of the other minor hinterland schools are also not on my short-list; I am neither fond of the farmbelt, nor of insulated campus communities. A pity, really. Life would be SO much easier if I just got along with those people. And those OTHER people.

[Concerning the California educational institutions in the bush, this from Arutz Sheva: "Many of the activities of these groups specifically harass and intimidate Jewish students," they write, and "it is not inconceivable that these groups' anti-Semitic discourse and hostility could escalate into incidents of physical violence. Nevertheless, California administrators have been unwilling to respond to, or even acknowledge, the threats that Jewish students face on their campuses."
If Jews are not safe, how much less so those of us who are clearly recognizable as urbanite ethnic? California does NOT a have a history ofkindly treatment of Chinese and Japanese, and some attitudes still thrive out in the Valley that are better restrained in the Bay Area. Now, I happen to get along with Jews. While absolutely loathing, and being filled with disgust by, the typical Arab attitudes towards little yellow women.]

And now, oh woe, San Diego is probably also out of the question.

Even though the ACUCSD president (Utsav Gupta) has come out in favor of a nay vote (“To this end, I will be voting against the passage of this resolution”), it does not seem likely that the issue will ever go away.
The slimy tactics of the SJP at Berkeley are becoming the role model for ideological anti-Semites up and down the state. Helped, of course, by such organizations as AlAwda, the AROC, ISM, and International ANSWER.

[Al-Awda opposes Israel's right to exist, supports foreign terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizbullah, organizes anti-Israel rallies and events, and features anti-Semitic speakers at its events. The AROC is funded by The Tides Foundation and serves as the outside agitator at many events in the Bay Area. The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a borderline still debatablylegal pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah partisan group with such stellar models of probity as Paul Larudee, Alice Walker, and Cynthia McKinney among its praise-singers, and International ANSWER are the rebranded Marxists and revolutionary anti-American arm-chair socialists who have sought to take over the left for nearly a decade, and largely succeeded. Do I also need to mention the Women in Black and Code Pink?]

I shall have to think the unthinkable. University, a few years from now, will be either in Massachusetts (two strong contenders), or New England (one).

Do they even HAVE decent Chinese food there?

Better eat all I can now. My late teens are going to be ghastly.



  1. Don't worry. Divestment has a long history of well documented failures.

    From the hands down, best source for all things BDS:

    * The Swedish Cooperative Union has ruled out boycotts of Israeli goods at Swedish cooperative stores. (Perhaps they are following the Rochdale Principles on political and religious neutrality cited by the Davis Food Co-op when they unanimously rejected a boycott last year.)

    * Canada (the land where the Buycott was born) is issuing a postage stamp commemorating 60 years of Canada-Israel diplomatic relations. The usual suspects are planning a boycott. It’s unclear how they will do this, given that no one buys stamps any longer.

    * At last week’s Israel-bashing blarney-fest at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the local Israeli union representative gave the assembled delegates what for after the Irish Foreign Minister criticized the union’s boycott calls and former Irish President Mary Robinson refused to attend the meeting. This was all largely moot since the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, which has halted most European airline travel, meant few people were actually able to make it to the event.

    For that last victory, credit has to go to Yakov Shmiplewitz, the Learned Elder of Zion currently responsible for the earth’s crust.

  2. There was a similiar letter to the Daily Cal, about a student who feared attending UC Berkeley,(his mothers' aluma mater) because of its tolerance of biogtry and hatred

    I will never feel the same way about "my" university again.

    On the same day, my son told me on the way home from school that he has been deeply affected by what he heard at the meeting the previous night and the result the following morning. He wrote on his Facebook page that the experience has been life-changing.

    I asked him whether he was planning to apply to UC Berkeley next year (he placed in the top 99 percent in his PSAT last year).

    "Absolutely not," he said immediately. "I would never want to be in a community where there is so much anti-Israel feeling."

  3. At Berkeley, after having made their presentations endlessly for weeks on end, after dozens of news stories, hundreds of blog entries, thousands of e-mails and millions of Tweets, they decided to demonstrate that the ASUC vote against their pet project was an example of – wait for it – them being "silenced" (illustrated by the BDSers covering their own mouths with tape and marching out of the room).

    For the sake of sanity and harmony at Berkeley, let’s hope that tape remains on at least through the end of the semester.

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