Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tell me again, why are you here?

Crusty eccentric and certifiable old geek, errrm, I mean loveable and oh so available mature gentleman in the fullest sense of the word, fellow blogger ATBOTH suggested that I check my stats, to see what people were looking for and how they found my blog.
I guess he's curious.
Not me. I know it's mostly lonely middle-aged men.

Hi Grant! Hi Amphib! Hi Atboth!

There are THREE "search keywords" that are VERY interesting:

"Asian breast milk"

Okay, in answer to your question, yes, it's a warm shade of yellow and it smells like peaches. Honest! The casein count is very high, it's full of protein, and makes the BEST! chocolate milk.
Casein consists of aggregates of thousands of protein molecules held together by calcium phosphate. These are 'micelles'. They are sort of spherical and very tiny. Four different types of caseins make up about eighty percent of the protein in milk, though there are dozens of other milk proteins also. It's a very complex and delicious subject. I am glad you asked.

"Arab sexes"

They have three: Man. Woman. Child. Perhaps four, if you include camel.
Arab sex is traumatic. Or so I read on the internet. Actually, I know as little about Arab sexes as you do, but unlike you I have no interest. Really don't want to find out. Maybe there are ten Arab sexes. Nine of them wear hijabs and look like potato sacks. Or eight, if you include camel.

"Hot lesbian sex seduction"

Normal body temperature ('normothermia', 'euthermia') will differ depending on which part of the body is used to measure, what time it is in that person's daily cycle of activity and energy, and other factors. But it's more or less 98 ° Fahrenheit.
Women often are warmer than men, and are far more sensitive to variations in surrounding temperature.
So if your hot lesbian is bellyaching, there is a very good reason: she's cold.

I hope you will understand that unless everybody is warm and comfy, there will be NO hot lesbian sex seduction. At best perhaps a tepid lesbian twiddle of the fingers under the blanket.

In any case, this is all pure speculation, as there are no seductive sex lesbians here. Of any temperature. This is a lesbian-free zone. We lack HLSS entirely. Sorry.

I myself have nothing against lesbians, but I'm more interested in men with fascinating literary devices. Truly, dead white males are the sexiest beings alive!
Hot, steaming, passionate, and deceased!
I curl up with Nabokov on a regular basis.
And so should you!

FINAL NOTE: For all search criteria listed above, you should really visit Atboth here:
I'm sure he knows far more than I do about any of these subjects.
And he's been rather lonely since his good woman left him.
So go over there, tell him to stop whining, and also give the dear old alte kacker a bit of encouragment.
Thank you.


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