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A friend forwarded a short text about the Turks from a blogger on the East Coast, who, I confess, I normally prefer not to read - his opinions are a bit too strident for my taste. But this is a time of stridency, and what Sultan Knish wrote is spot on. Yes, it's mean-spirited, vituperative, and venomous. But still, spot on. Eloquent, and bitchily to the point.


"You talk about stolen land, when your entire country is stolen land, from Cyprus to Istanbul. Your regime is a racist illegitimate entity based on the oppression of the Kurds, the Armenians, the Assyrians, the Circassians and numerous others. You went directly from being Imperialists to Fascists to Islamists, a truly dubious achievement for any nation. Your history is filled with slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide and invasion. And that's just in the last century alone. If you had any sanity or shame, you would dig a hole, crawl into it, and hope that no one mentions words like "Minority Rights" or "Territorial Legitimacy" in your presence, instead of trying to use them as a club against a nation whose national history predates yours by thousands of years. We had kingdoms and a civilization that changed the world, back when your ancestors were still trying to decide whether to eat the sheep or rape it."

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The title of this blog post was specifically (and provocatively) chosen to attract the attention of search engines. I have been advised that the primary subject should occur in the title, in order to make it more visible.

Turkish food is far better than the mediocre slop that Arabs normally serve. That's still not enough to justify their existence, though. They are a nasty race.
Arabs, on the whole, have better manners than the Turks - except when they're in a foaming rage (rabies seems a frequent emotional state among them) - but that, too, like Turkish cuisine, is just not enough.

Both the Arabs and the Turks are perpetually involved in brutal crimes against women; many of those crimes involve Asian women. The Philippina housemaids in the Gulf and Lebanon are treated like slaves and frequently raped and brutalized, the Turks in Europe are heavily involved in selling unwilling women to brothels, and other aspects of the prostitution industry.
Both the Arabs and the Turks believe in honor killings, wife-beating, and pedophilia (often called 'marriage' in their part of the world).

Arabs and Turks have a fetish for blondes - I'm not sure whether that makes them stupid, rednecks, or just fetishists. It's rather creepy.
And it shows that they think lof women as nothing more than objects.

Atboth advises me to also use the word 'pestilential' in this post. I have now done so. Not as an explicit description of the Turks (and Arabs), but as an implicit quality.


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