Sunday, June 13, 2010


A report has been published that squarely assigns blame for the imbroglio in Afghanistan on the Pakistanis. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied Pakistan's involvement in the Afghan mess - for over a generation the ISI and other Pakistani groups have been heavily involved in every foul deed in the region.

Pakistani intelligence gives funding, training and sanctuary to the Afghan Taliban on a scale much larger than previously thought
End quote.


Support for the Afghan Taliban was "official ISI policy", the London School of Economics (LSE) authors suggest.
Pakistan's military denied the claims.
A spokesman said the allegations were "rubbish" and part of a malicious campaign against the country's military and security agencies.

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This, too, is typical of Pakistanis - like the Arabs, they disavow all responsibility and deny all involvement; someone else is ALWAYS to blame, usually in an imagined plot against them. Pakistan is ever rife with conspiracy theories featuring the CIA, Jews, Americans, and the Angrezi-log. Reality playes no part in the fevered Paki imagination.

"This goes far beyond just limited, or occasional support. This is very significant levels of support being provided by the ISI. We're also saying this is official policy of that agency, and we're saying that it is very extensive. It is both at an operational level, and at a strategic level, right at the senior leadership of the Taliban movement."
------Harvard analyst Matt Waldman

In other words, constant support from the Pakistani government, through its agencies, at multiple levels and from multiple departments, to many if not most facets of the Taliban organizational structure and to a number of Taliban actions and campaigns.
Plainly put: the Pakistanis are accessories to the deaths of American troops and American friends and allies - there is blood on Pakistan's hands.

"The Taliban largely depend on funding from the ISI and groups in Gulf countries" --- "Pakistan appears to be playing a double-game of astonishing magnitude."
End quote.

Given that the ISI is also still a major player in the drug trade as well as crime syndicates in the Gulf, this is not surprising. Pakistanis have always put personal gain ahead of clean government, ethical considerations, and honest achievement.

Last week Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh resigned, saying he had become an obstacle to plans to talk to the Taliban. Mr Saleh told Reuters news agency a day after quitting that the ISI was "part of the landscape of destruction" in Afghanistan and accused Pakistan of sheltering Taliban leaders in safe houses.
End quote.

As they still do for AlQaeda functionaries and other supra-local terrorist groups.

"Without a change in Pakistani behaviour it will be difficult if not impossible for international forces and the Afghan government to make progress against the insurgency"
End quote.

Without bombing Islamabad and destroying the governmental-terrorist infrastructure that characterizes the Pakistani state, changing Pakistani behaviour might be a tad hard.
At the very least, targeted assassination of Pakistani officials and members of parliament should be not only considered, but aggressively put into practice. If the world does not want another wave of terror and regional destabilization by those narco-vakils, Pakistan should be reduced to a less-than-third-world power. It would be no loss; they are already a dysfunctional society, and a pathetic excuse for a nation.

The war needs to be fought in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. We have no allies there, only friends of convenience, saboteurs, and cowards.


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