Friday, June 18, 2010

Help Matt Fenster - register your bones

Fellow blogger Chaim Grossferstant ( ) has requested other bloggers to put up a Public Service Announcement for Matt Fenster, who may not live if no bone marrow donor can be found.

Matt Fenster has acute myelogenous leukemia.

Now, why should I care?
Who is Matt Fenster to me?

The better question is, why shouldn't I care? Can I really say that I'll do something good someday, when I am old and finally have time? Perhaps I will not grow old, and will never have time - and if I do not do what I can now, when will I do it? And if I do not do it, who will?

The odds of finding a match are slim because the donor has to equal a very specific profile and be of a similar ethnic background. Matches can be determined with a simple swab test of the inner cheek.

Go to:

If I did NOT call your attention to Matt Fenster, NOW that I know who he is and what is needed, it would make this world a little colder and darker.
If you register as a potential bone marrow donor for Matt Fenster, the world will be a little brighter.

We cannot make the world perfect - but we can make it better.

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Have a "git shabbos", Chaim.


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